1263 W Pratt Blvd
Chicago, IL 60626-4329

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I moved to this building in the fall of 2002, and soon started getting itchy welts. This was a couple of years before anyone had heard of the surge in bedbug infestions-- everyone at that time assumed they had been eradicated, so it took me a month or two to realize what was going on. The lightbulb finally went off when I found some bugs in the bed itself, dozens hiding in the folds on my mattress, box spring, frame, etc. By following trails on the wall (they leave a black powdery waste from d

igesting your blood), I found they were hiding behind an electrical socket on the wall.

I had to throw out my bed frame. I washed my linens in hot water, left them outside in the cold in a plastic bag for a few days to freeze them, and then washed them again in hot. I tried two or three insect sprays along the baseboard of the wall (including inside the wall behind the plate over the electrical outlet). I slept on a new futon on the floor, away from the outlet for three months, spraying periodically. Then I got a new, polished metal bed frame for the futon (hard for any remaining bugs to climb, and no place for them to hide). These measures seemed to do the trick-- I had no evidence of bed bugs for the last five or six months of my lease.

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There is a bed bug infestation at this address. I discovered bugs, and gave samples to the apartment manager, who claimed that no infestations had previously been reported, and then I read the entry from another tenant who reported an infestation on this site!

Had to call the Orkin man when I noticed bites that frequently showed a pattern of direction on arms and neck. Several of my neighbors also had bedbugs. I confirmed the infectation when I caught several of the little critters just walking across my body. I put themn in a jar and took them to several experts. Then the Orkin man came and showed me where they were hiding and out went my beautiful queen size sleeper sofa. I had to remove my cats and toss out my plants. 1/2 a day later kitties

and I were able to go back inside. I slept on an inflatable mattress. I had to call them back twice to refog, and they came every two months for a year. Total cost $937. in extermination fees and $80 for the doctors visit. Four neighbors definitely had bedbug infestations that I heard about from them in the 8 floor apartment complex. I have no idea what the total is. I have never encountered this problem before.

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