6830 N Sheridan Rd
Chicago, IL 60626-3812

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Cheap apts, but you'll pay the price.

I've been living here for about a year and a half. No problems for a while, but one day I saw a bug and squished it...red blood came out!

Mild infestation. Supposedly an exterminator is coming in tomorrow to treat my apt....AGAIN. I think I've had them for about a month now. The crazy thing is, there is literally no furniture at my place, they have to be coming from other units.

Bed bugs aren't impossible to get rid of, but in this building, it seem

s the entire place needs to be treated, rather than just unit per unit.

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I moved in 5 weeks ago and I've been having bedbug problems since day 1. The first week I didn't actually what bedbugs were so when I first saw them I thought the were just any bug, but the by chance I ran into this website and saw all the posting on the building. Ever since I've paranoid, worrying about the whole time, not a nice way to live like.
I told Radu about it and that very same day he had the exterminators came in, the already had an appointment schedule (which means it's a common pro

blem in the building). Nothing much happened, I kept on seeing them even though I worry about cleaning up, washing sheets frequently, have mattress cover. Last Friday the exterminators came again and the very same night I got bitten, so the spray they use obviously doesn't do anything to them, and there are so many places they can hide that it's impossible to get ride of them. I haven't suffered that much but now my boyfriend is here and he is allergic, it's very annoying. The other day I saw a roach too and I found out other apartments have mice...
Tomorrow I will talk to the manager to see how to get out of my lease, I'm not gonna wait 10 more months. I hope it goes well, someone else posted that's what they did.

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2 AM..smh.. Can't fall asleep. I have mice infestation in my apartment, they keep gnawing thru the drywall and getting in after I have sealed the previous "ports of entry" and got rid of the 4 members of their family in past month or so.. on top of that my whole body is itching from bed bug bites. My legs, back, chest.. I am waiting for sunrise to hand in this written complaint to Radu and request to make the apartment habitable in next 14 days. I been here for two months and don't know if I can

take it any longer. I have a lease with them for 10 more months, but if the conditions don't improve it would be apsurd to keep living here.. inomnia will become permanent. It's good to see these reviews and I wish I have seen this web site earlier..

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DO NOT LIVE HERE. BED BUGS EVERYWHERE. The first time we noticed bed bugs was back in March. Found one crawling on me while I was laying in bed!! We told the landlord and he had someone come and "fix the problem" .... The problem is that the man is not a professional. He was just some man they paid off the streets, handed him a bunch of chemicals, and probably told him to make it look like he knows what he's doing.

The man was in the apt for hours, most of the time talking about his life and

writing down ideas on paper.... Let it be known, the bed bugs returned (or perhaps never went away to begin with). ANyone living here should look to take legal action. This entire building is a health hazard.

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I lived here for 3 months and found several bed bugs in my apartment. Luckily, I never found bite marks on me. However, after these problems were not addressed by management, I MOVED OUT. I broke my lease and left and THEY CAN'T STOP YOU. They don't want to make it a legal battle so if you choose to leave you can. I did this and I know somebody else from this building that left as well and didn't hear from the management again. I had a lawyer write a stern letter and the problem continued so I l

eft. It is a tenant's right to live in a pest-free environment, and if the management can't provide this, YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO LEAVE.

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This is crazy. They need to treat the ENTIRE building, they are just going from apt to apt. It has been a few weeks and just getting worse. Some man came to treat them but he was not a professional, just some man off the street that bought some chemicals and is now treating apt buildings UNSUCCESSFULLY. All he did was sprinkle a little powder around and talk on and on to make it seem like he knew what he was doing. He even told me that he sometimes treats beds by "plucking them off the matress o

ne by one"! How can this be legal? they should have to have CERTIFIED pest control. I have thrown away my matress, sheets, blankets and all bedding, washed and dryed everything and stored in plastic bags TWICE. I am sleeping on the couch and counting down the days for lease to be up. If they come back and infect my brand new couch I will be calling professionals and covaci can pay for it. If I could afford it I would pay them off for the rest of my lease and just leave. NO ONE SHOULD HAVE TO LIVE LIKE THIS!


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SUMMARY: Don't live here. Just... don't.

The trouble started a couple weeks into my lease. After showering one morning, I a set of bite marks (they usually come in threes) on my leg. I notified Radu immediately and without any problems he arranged to have an exterminator come. The problems did subside though. Afterwards it took me literal weeks to be able to fall asleep soundly again. (If you've never had to deal with bedbugs I assure you the insomnia is every bit as awful as it's cracked out

to be.) A couple months later, the bugs were back and the restless nights started all over again. I sprayed by bed and slept on a plastic sheet for weeks. I would do laundry almost weekly out of sheet paranoia. The bugs could still be seen every now and then.

While Radu is prompt in getting exterminators in, they only spray infected apartments instead of ALL the apartments meaning the bugs can just hop around the building. After seeing some of the ways in which people live here (leaving trash in the laundry room or in the hall) it wouldn't surprise me if they failed to report any bedbugs in their apartments. I've also had a minor roach problem but roaches are like cute puppies when compared to bedbugs. Do yourself a favor, don't live here.

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I saw a bed bug a few days ago and another a few days later. I have searched everywhere but can not find the hiding spot. Oh yuck, I want to just leave everything behind in the apt and leave.

Yes, this building is full of bedbugs. Radu tries a lot to fight them. Everytime I asked him he took it seriously and did what he can do. The exterminator also came in and now the situation is much better. Still don't move to this place unless you don't have any other option.

I leave with my girlfriend in building 6830 N.Sheridan Road.We have finished two month in the apartment.During our first day in the apartment, asked Radu how worked with the management.Radu told me 9 years.I told him that my girlfriend is getting bruised by the bedbugs.Radu asked for evidence and denied that the building did not have bedbugs.Unfortunately for him, he has no idea that we have all the evidence to prove.After a week, the bedbugs started to appear and they have continued to terroris

us.We no longer sleep, I can't concentrate in class, and i got embarrasedd when starnger seated next to me inside the CTA train picked a bedbug from my shirt.After I told Radu about the instance, the ex-terminators were called.The ex-terminators have come twice.They nice guy did his job, but the bedbugs have increased.Radu new that the building has bedbugs but hide the informations from us. He let me sign the lease without notifying me about the bedbugs.I have all the evidnece to show that the building has bedbugs, and that the lord failed to notify me before signing the lease.I am thinking to file a lawsuit against the building.

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I live on the third floor and found bed bugs in my apartment about a month ago. Being new to this kind of situation, I feel that I probably have had them for awhile as I had no idea what I was seeing until I found an actual bug. Since then I have spent hundreds of dollars on cleaning, bags, somewhere for my cats to stay for the multiple visits from the exterminator, and other expenses.
I called Radu, the building supervisor or whatever his position is, to alert him of the situation. He met with

me the next day and had me speak to their exterminator. I had two visits from this exterminator who treated only the bed, headboard and the heater claiming they were only in those locations. I continued to find them on my mattress and in my bedroom so I contacted a pest control company and asked Mr. Covaci if he would approve their fees. It took him three or four days to get back to me but finally agreed to their costs. Their second visit is tonight.
I am looking into the process of breaking my lease as I don't feel comfortable living here anymore. Between the nightmares and sleeping on my couch, I haven't had a solid night's sleep in three weeks.
If you live in this apartment, DO NOT USE SCOTT, THEIR EXTERMINATOR. He is a very nice man who I am sure is very good with roaches and ants but has no idea what he's doing when it comes to bed bugs though he sounds very knowledgeable. By the end of his second visit, he was asking ME questions on what I had researched. Not really how that is supposed to work.

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I live on the 5th floor of the 6830 N building. The first time I saw the bedbugs was March 2011 the first night I stayed. I payed no attention to it, at the time I had no idea what bedbugs were. In April, an exterminator came in and sprayed the bed, and the dresser, ignoring the rest of the apartment after we spent over 200 dollars washing and bagging everything we owned thinking they'd spray the whole apartment. It was a big waste of time and money, seeing as the bugs returned a week later, sin

ce then I have been getting allergic reactions along with the bites; my guess being the pesticides (I grew up in a pesticide/chemical free home as a child). I've tried contacting the RPA as well as the health department to see if there was any way we could change the way the landlord did the pesticides, or leave. But unfortunately since it's being 'treated' (incorrectly at best), we have no kind of case to get out. The pest control comes again tomorrow, to waste more of my time.

Overall I know it's a hard problem to take care of, but I wish the landlord would do a little more. Save yourself the trouble and find somewhere else to move.

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I live on the second floor apartment of 6830 North sheridan road for the past 5 years. Bed bugs has become competitors for space in every nooks and corners of my apartment for the past 2 years. All my effort to get them eradicated has proved abortive while the owner of the building seems to be less concerned.
Apart from this problem, the building is not well taken care of.


I live on the second floor of this building for the past 2 years. I DO NOT have a bed bug problem. Some people write these stories to get out of their lease responsiblity or invent stories to move elsewhere.

I live on the second floor of this building for the past 2 years. I DO NOT have a bed bug problem. Some people write these stories to get out of their lease responsiblity or move invent stories to move elsewhere.

I've lived at this address on the fifth floor for almost 4 years. I first noticed bed bugs 2 years ago. I do what I can to keep the number down until I move. I've been here long enough to know that the janitor, Radu, and the owner, Willian Covaci, do not give the tenents problems any priority and will lie to delay or ignore your problems. Good luck if you're planning on moving to this address.

My wife and I live on the 4th floor. We moved in May 15, 2010 and saw these strange flat, red bugs here and there. We had no idea what they were since we had never encountered them before. Once the bites started we did some research and found out they were bed bugs. All the other accounts listed here sound very, very familiar. The owner will not admit to anything and gives the same garbage about trying to blame us saying we brought them in, etc. The property manager is half nice, half angry when

ever I ask for simple maintenance.

I have spoken to about 4 or 5 other tenants in the building who have the same problem, one tenant has lived in the building for 5 years and says the problem started 4 years ago. On two separate occasions I have seen a bed bug IN THE HALLWAY and that ratty carpeting cannot be helping a thing at all.

We have had to call 311 many times and now are forced to break our lease. I hate to move since we just moved in this past May, but we have no choice since my wife is very suceptible to bites and is absolutely miserable with these living conditions. We saved a couple of the bugs in a bag for proof, have a lengthy log detailing all issues with every sort of encounter with the owner, William Covaci or the property manager, Radu and will have to move very carefully so we can finally be rid of them!

Welcome to the world of bed bugs, I wish I had known before we moved in but now I know to research the buildings ahead of time.

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I live on the 4th floor of this apartment building. I have been living here 3 years now and the last year and a half have been hell. I noticed them, in november 2009, and started doing research about the bugs I had seen. Once I realized they were bed bugs, I became terrified. I already have a phobia of any type of bug, now I had a problem that would be difficult to get rid of. I told the maintenance man, who at the time was very helpful, and the exterminator came once. From the research I had do

ne, I knew that it would take more than just one treatment to eradicate the problem, so I started withholding my rent. The exterminator came more often then. I also purchased a vacuum and mopped the floors regularly. 6 mths later I stopped seeing the bugs. Finally I thought I won the war, apparently it was just the battle. The maintenance man asked me a month ago have I seen any and I replied no. he then informed me that my neighbors upstairs were complaining. Alarmed, I told him no I haven't been seeing them and he told me I didn't have to lie. This upset me because he made it seem as though I was harvesting them and refused to say anything. I reminded him that I was the main one complaining the previous year and he said he'll schedule an extermination. Today was the day they were supposed to come. They waited until 1 o'clock in the afternoon before they showed up, I was getting ready for work at this time and was in the shower. I screamed just a minute and they just walked away. I called the maintenance man and he told me he'd just have to reschedule because the guy had left, that was only 2 minutes after they had walked away from my door. He also gave me attitude saying that since I didn't have a problem I would be okay then hung up the phone on me. I called back and argued with him and instantly the exterminator was at my door. This time it was a new exterminator and he told me he couldn't spray my apartment because my things were not in bags and because I would have to take my cats out of the building for 30 minutes. I was enraged at this point because all the other times they sprayed, my items were not bagged and I was told that the chemical wasn't harmful. Now I just have to wait until next time. I see the only way to have any peace would be to move.

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Yes, it can happen to YOU!!! It did to me 4 years ago on the 4th floor in this building. One of them woke me up biting my arm in the middle of the night. I caught it & put it in a plastic bag to be identified. It left a raised welt with 5 tiny bites in a circle. The bite was red & sore for several days. In addition to the exterminator provided by the building management, I washed & vacuumed everything possible, sprayed pesticide specifically for bedbugs (& wiped off the excess, because of

my cat), & finally bought a $200 encasement set for my mattress & box spring. I treated my next apartment thoroughly before I moved in! I see that this building is still having the same problem! Probably because they just treat one unit at a time, here & there. Thank God I have not had a problem in my new building.

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I work for a refugee resettlement agency that works with this landlord occasionally. We have two familes who moved into the building in February. One ont he 3rd and one on the 5th floor. The management did not tell us about this issue in the building prior to move in. They accused us of bringing used furniture into the units, but all beds and furniture were bought new from a reputable store.

Now we are moving one family out, since they did not have a signed lease, using a 30-day notice.

The other family does have a signed lease and we are discussing their options with them currently.

Please be aware that the entire building is being sprayed floor by floor. I spoke with the landlord and evidently some units are refusing treatment, so I don't know how effective this solution could be. The exterminator has also repeatedly played down the severity of the situation in the building to me - saying that our clients are the only ones in the building with an issue, when I know that is not the case.

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I live on the 5th floor of this apartment building. I've been dealing with bed bugs for the past year. I cannot be home during the hours/days that exterminators arrive. I work the same hours they do. I've concluded the only way out of this problem is to move.

bed bug invasion in our apartment on the 4th floor, starting in the end of august 2009.
i was tortured by badbugs since the day, i stayed there. fortunately, my husband wasn´t bitten at all; however, i was most delicious for the bugs. one time, i got about 60 bites all over me, i even couldn´t wear shoes, because it was so itchy. i took care about it with antihistaminika and was kind of knocked-out by it badly.
about one week later, we found out, that my biggest enemy are the bedbugs: i goo

gled just by chance this address and the first hit was this site with a report about bedbugs in my apartmenthouse. first, we tried to take care about them by ourself with a steamer, because (you can tell) i´m not from the usa and i wasn´t sure about calling the exterminator, because i read articles in my language and was afraid of the costs and of having to move out temporally.
even though, our bed was just bought, we found about 100 bugs (from babys to adults) in the slatted frame and killed them with hot water and the steamer, and of course i did the laundry so many times! first, i could wake up for 2 days without new bites, but they came bake and ate me piece by piece. once, i woke up without nothing, and when i came home in the evening and took my pants of, my whole lower leg was red because of the bites, so they even made semself home in my clothes.
well, to make things short: FINALLY, in the end of september 2009, i found a note in the apartment, that the next day the exterminator will come! lucky, someone has done THE ONLY right thing - to inform the janitor so that the exterminator will come, because THAT IS THE ONLY WAPPON.
sure, the same night, we killed 2 bugs which crawled along the wall, but we got the information, that it takes several times for the exterminator to come and get rid of the bugs.
since october, i´m back home in my country again without bugs and my husband reports me, that he hasn´t found any bugs yet.
i regret that i didn´t tell anyone, but fortunately someone else in the apartment house was dare enough to call out for help. NO ONE HAS THE BE ASHAMED BY BEDBUGS.

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The bed bug problem first came to my attention when two friends slept over in my apartment about four months ago. They complained of being bitten and having red marks on them from sleeping in my apartment. Since I didn't have any I didn't think anything of it. Two months later all of the sudden the bed bugs are everywhere. I've found them in books, my school bag, mattress, couch, every where. I contacted my maintenance guy and he told me not to worry that the exterminator would be coming for a r

outine spraying on Wednesday. "Routine spraying" meaning that the bugs are in the whole building and I wasn't made aware of this? The worst part is that I was getting bitten just a couple of days after the apartment was sprayed.

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I moved into apartment #269 this October (October 2008) and not a day later, killed a bedbug that I found crawling on the bookshelf I was putting together. At first, I didn't think much of it, but then about five days after moving in, I started getting bit at night. I was so disturbed I slept in my bathtub that night and called my super the next day, who's a really nice guy and called the exterminator while I was standing there, assuring me that it wouldn't cost me anything (not that I was goi

ng to let it). I had started collecting specimens in in a jar and showed him that I wasn't crazy (as a side note, I found a couple roaches too). I went out and bought some diatomaceous earth because the exterminator couldn't come until the next day, and sprinkled a ring of it around my bed, but had to vacuum it up when the exterminator came, who sprayed, and now they're back. I've got the earth down again around my bed and I only wake up with two or three bites, but based on my own experiments with the ones I collected, this diatomaceous earth works really well, and is pretty much the ONLY type of trap you can lay for them. Sprinkle around the bed and under the mattress. Bugs die within a day of coming in contact with it (so you may have to nobly sacrifice your blood for one more night to lure them into the powder). I'm not sure of the necessary timeframe, but I'm going to leave the earth down for about a week and see how it goes before calling the exterminator again. Call the super or the manager if you find ANYTHING immediately, and the exterminator will come without any hassle.

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