6815 N Sheridan Rd
Chicago, IL 60626-3811

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I have a friend who lives in 6815 N. Sheridan building. Building itself is very dirty and infested with bedbugs. There is mice and rats excrement in the kitchen and even in a hallway.
I was in shock when I saw bedbugs on my friend's body in a day light.
Once infested bedbugs is almost impossible to get rid of. There are technologies which do not include exterminator and Cagan Managment does not want to invest.
I suggest you rent somewhere else.

I found 2 nests with bedbugs and larva on April 11. It took a few days for management to respond but finally sent some exterminator. I wanted to pay a real pro, but the management said they send out their people. It is May 14 and I did a routine check since I found 1 in the tub, and later on the carpet. Low and behold I found a few flax seed sized unborn bed bugs on my new bed bug cover protected matress, as well as a muture few. I also found these flax seed unborn ones in the floor cracks of my


I AM SO FREAKED OUT. 2x in 1 month??? Bad location

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I have been living at 6815 N. Sheridan unit 405 since October of 2009. It is April 2011. This is the 3rd unit (that we know of) that's been infested with bed bugs, exterminated, and come back. It is the most disgusting thing ever...especially that it is a dirty and old building. Cagan management are very sloppy to send the exterminator and actually check the units around and the halls and thoroughly GET RID OF THEM.

I've been living at 6815 N. Sheridan Rd. Apt. 503 since March of 2009 and started having issues with budbugs as of the second week of January of this year. The first signs were when me and a friend of mine that lives in Apt. 504 started seeing little bugs that when squashed, had blood in them as well as some itching red bumps on our skin. We immediately notified the management about it and they sent an exterminator out to hopefully take care of the problem. Unfortunately, it didn't work. Even wi

th the bug bombs that they have used in out apartments that are designed for bedbugs, they have infested the entire building and we are fed up with it. We are supposed to have another exterminator come over to spray again on August 2nd, but we are doubtful that it will work. We need help in trying to figure out what to do since we don't want to move. We are also out of options on how to handle this situation.

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