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Bedbugs in my apartment summer 2011. not a huge infestation but was bitten numerous times. Management respond promptly. sprayed twice in 9th floor apartment. I stayed in an apartment on a lower floor overnight to escape chemical fumes from the treatment and was bitten up badly that night. Was bug free thought for 3 months. Found another bug this week- November 2011. I am insisting this time that they caulk up every crack and crevice.
I did everything and more to ensure no bugs were in ym apar

tment. Invested hundreds of dollars in sealed bags and mattress covers, etc. They did not want the neighbors informed but I will be informing all my neighbors immediately.

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Bedbugs found as of early winter 2010 on west wing floors six to nine, individual apartments and east wing floors nine to five, individual apartments.. Management response prompt and efficient. Problems is ,bedbugs are hitchhikers and travelers. Best prevention is double stick tape around outside door entrance and around bed frame legs also Black & Decker ultrosonic pest devices to drive them away.

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