6910 N Sheridan Rd
Chicago, IL 60626-3808

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I lived in the building and we did have bed bugs. However, after multiple treatments the building is bed bugs free. It is easy to complain. but getting rid of bed bugs infestation is very difficult. It needs the effort of all the tenants and the landlord. Check the city of chicago webside so you can educated yourself how to treat bed bugs.


Dec 10,2011 and Jan,29 2012 This building is infested with bed bugs the landlord knows it the tenants here complains and the landlord asked them to move instead of fixing the problem the landlord wife even goes as far as saying i am a professional i will spray i have begged them to please do something about this matter and they refuse i pay my rent and to have to live with bed bugs is not right i will be calling the building inspector every day and i will even find out where to go to report them

they are THE WORST LANDLORDS GOD HAS CREATED i cant believe these people don't move here ITS A DUMP!!!!!!!!!

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I lived on the fourth floor, more than ten people had moved as a result of bedbugs. is worst on the thrid and second floor. Tenant had to buy their own pestcontrol with their own money every three days.

the whole apartment is effected with bed bugs. I lived on the 5th floor and i and my family had spent more money trying to stop it. my landlord and his family denied and even when you press harder, they will be asking you to move if you dont like. they will say you complained too much why not move.

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