6954 N Sheridan Rd
Chicago, IL 60626-3526

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Looks like we have bed bugs... Never have before moving into this building and hoped bugs wouldn't be a problem here because they spray for bugs every other month... But with carpeted hallways, I guess I shouldn't be too surprised. Just awful.

I lived on the 5th from June 2011 till about aug 2011 and I moved out immediately our apartment was infested with roaches. They came a bunch of times to spray but it never worked and the roaches where everywhere. The roaches where in the bedroom, bathroom, living room and kitchen. I also there was a big hole in the wall over the vanity in our bathroom and it seemed a lot of roaches where coming through that hole. The building was disgusting and a lot of tenants complained about the infestation a

nd my husband and I got out of there quick. I had to get an attorney to break my lease because dlg was refusing to let me go.

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6-5-12. The last post was 110% accurate. This building is dirty and infested with roaches and bed bugs. The manager marnie is the bitch of the century, she claims there was never a problem with bed bugs until now. The person that handles the roa,hes comes out and sprays once a month in under a month per apartment. They are slumlords here, do not rent here.

I used to live in this building. The 5th floor was covered with these bed bugs. The post below me is probably DLG trying to kiss it's own behind. I feel bad for anyone still living there. We lived there for three years, and two of the years were blessed without bed bugs. But more and more foreigners were being allowed to rent, and they brought them in with their luggage. The third year was terrible. Bites all over my legs, arms, neck. During the year they came out and sprayed twice. Had some stu

pid dog come and sniff the place for bed bugs, and said the entire building was clean. BULL! Someone needs to report this building immediately. The last time I was there, was April of 2010. I am thankful I am out of that hell hole. Trust me when I say that there is hordes of them here. Do the city a favor and gut the building out. Disgusting. I knew how to control them in my apartment so they weren't there as much before I moved out, but I couldn't stay there. DLG is alright when it comes to making repairs, but they're idiots when it comes to spending real money to get that building rid of the bugs. Pretty sad place to live. I don't recommend this building for anyone until they relieve the building of it's pests. Trust me when I say bed bugs aren't the only things there.

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I rent at this location and have not had any problems at all. DLG was very nice from the beginning. I like the fact that they answer the phones and have a separate maintenance department. I came from a small property where the owner was the maintenance man and nothing ever got done. DLG is usually out within a day of any requests. They also have preventative bug sprayings which is alot more than I can say for most landlords! I have noticed so people who throw their junk mail on the floor w

hich I think is rude but the staff usually cleans it the same day. In short, DLG is a great company compared to alot of companies out there!

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Im just trying to look out for people who are renting this is a nasty building the hallways are always pissy unless they are showing a new apartment thats for rent people are moving out due to the begbugs just the other day ( 4-16-10) i woke up and had marks all over my legs in a line. I thought the bugs where gone because the came out in oct - feb 2010 to spray i know at least seven apartments tenants who have complained about the up keep of this building if you are looking to rent please follo

w- up on the company to see if they have a pass cause it could effect your future. Dont rent from DLG management unless you want to pay for the company of bedbugs in your apartment and rude management.

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I just moved in to my new apartment, 403, at the beginning of October. After spending my first night there I woke up with a series of bites. I disregarded them until I noticed that I was getting new bites every night for about a week.

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