1624 W Morse Ave
Chicago, IL 60626-3309

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There was a mattress outside the building labeled "Do not use-bedbugs!" last week. The bedbugs appeared approx 11-15-2010. This building is very dirty and rundown. They don't do repairs. The roof leaks all over the fourth floor, the heat is broken in most apts, the building and roof are full of mold, and the owner plus employees go into the apts to steal on a daily basis using numerous passkeys. They break the law every day at 1624 W. Morse. DO NOT rent from Hunter Properties-they are slumlords,

liars, and thieves. They have "over 60" dirty leaking infested rundown buildings in Chicago. Most have bedbugs-all have roaches and spiders etc. None are ever exterminated. They never do anything to make the buildings safe or livable for the customers. They are responding to the bedbug problem by spreading the bedbugs all over-nothing was wrapped-it was just carried outside using the one elevator and left next to the garbage dumpsters for everyone to see.

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