1606 W Morse Ave
Chicago, IL 60626-3309

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Moved into this apartment (2W) not even a month ago. There was a pigeon nest on the balconette and I\'m sure that had something to do with it. I had the building remove the pigeons and nest, yet continued to see little brown bugs, which after googling realized were bedbugs. After a week of getting bitten to bits, I couldn\'t stand it anymore and stayed at a friend\'s place. I had to unpack all my boxes, decontaminate all my stuff, and repack in plastic bags and bins. The exterminator has be

en there three times and I still don\'t know if my furniture is safe to move (\'cause I sure as hell am not staying in this apartment). The landlord is not giving me crap about breaking the lease and says he will compensate me for all the laundry and related expenses associated with this nightmare, but is trying to rent the apartment to a new tenant ASAP. WTF?

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