1534 W Morse Ave
Chicago, IL 60626-3307

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This building is for low-income seniors and is poorly taken care of. In addition to the high volume of roaches in the building a bed-bug infestation started in spring of 2010. I cannot pinpoint an exact month, but my mother-in-law woke up one morning with bites all over.

After reporting this to the building management, they had an unofficial maintenance man (one of the residents) place powder everywhere, including the food cabinets. Yes, the FOOD CABINETS. I had to throw out all of her ca

nned and dry goods. They never hired professionals, who are required by IL state law when an infestation occurs. Secondly, bed bugs show a strong resistance to chemicals and the only sure way to kill them is with heat.

Needless to say, we moved her out of there and I feel badly for the residents who have nowhere else to go.

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