7010 N Ashland Blvd
Chicago, IL 60626-2717

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Lived in the building for about 5 years--the last 2 years there were a bed bug nightmare, the owner Allen Smith did nothing to fight the infestation, absolutley nothing. I spoke with most of the residents of the 28 to 30 units, all had bugs. Bitten daily & nightly, my blood & bug fecal matter on my clothes, linens--had to toss it all out. Finally moved at the beginning of 2010 discarding the furniture, bed, drapes, linens, as they were so bug- & egg-infested I didn't dare take them with me to

my new home. Thanks 7010 North Ashland LLC.

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So true! I to lived in this building (located 7010 North Ashland Blvd). Indeed, the issue started near Summer/Fall 2008. Monthly exterminator visits occurred, to no avail. Without failing the little vampire buggers would pop up moreso, within 24hrs of the extermination. My Mental Health was strained to nearly the "breaking point". It became to much.

I just moved out of this address after having lived there for two years. They first appeared in September 2008, and despite monthly visits from an exterminator, they croppe up every few months.

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