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well it started early febuary that i started to get bites on my back and arms... then i started to get more and more, then i started to see blood stains on my bed by where i lay my head but i get frequent bloody noses so i didn't think anything of it, then one night im gonna say march 6th, i came home one night turned on my light and saw about 8-9 of them crawling on the wall next to my bed so i killed them with a shoe then proceded to check my bed which had none in there so then i wondered wher

e are they living if not in my bed so the next night when i came home i saw about 3 this time and still little baby bed bugs crawling into the electrical outlet by my bed. i then proceded to tell my landlord cause i live in an apartment and he then procceded to blame me for them but if they are nesting in the walls how would i have brought them into the building? so now i am in the procces of rebaging all my clothes for them to fog my apartment again (which didn't work the first time) just to go through this all over again

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