1329 W Touhy Ave
Chicago, IL 60626-2615

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This building appears to be infested. My boyfriend lives there, and after several months of living there, he got bedbugs (as did I, who live a few blocks away). We did everything you are supposed to do... Bag everything, wash everything in super hot water and dry at a high temp. They came in and sprayed. And did a follow up. And another. And two more. There are still bed bugs. The problem is that the chemical that actually kills them (DDT) is illegal (for no real defendable reason). It

is genuinely very difficult to get rid of them. However, the whole building has a problem. We see mattresses just covered with bed bug shit in the alley out back, and obviously the other apartments in his building are experiencing infestations as well, some seemingly much worse. This is an extremely expensive problem, and if we could find a way to get DDT back on the market, it might fix the problem.

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