7301 N Sheridan Rd
Chicago, IL 60626-2215

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I haven't noticed bed bugs in this building, but I have noticed roaches. These are German cockroaches and they will bite people and are fond of water. This building is infested. I keep my apartment clean but I've noticed the roaches crawling in underneath the door. There are units around me that are filthy which is why they come into my unit (they crawl underneath the fridge and stove for warmth). I did go a few months without seeing roaches, but they started up again when my disgusting neighbor

s moved in. Ask management about their roach problem before you move in, they have to notify you under Illinois law. Also the walls have lead, not suitable for children or animals. The building is old, you get what you pay for regarding the other problems mentioned. To be fair, most of the tenants here are low lifes. They constantly wreck shit and management is constantly changing its policies due to idiots acting like trash. The freight elevator policy was recently changed and they no longer accept packages for tenants despite having onsite management. Not sure if this building is sec 8, but jeez, it feels like it.

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Been here three years with my girlfriend and the managers didnt tell me they had bed beds wr found out by bites on my daughter and girlfriend they had to come out to treat it so we put plastic on our beds but still see them from time to time it's so they also had raised the rent from 800 to 1000 dollars in three years horrible roach infection also the managment here are not to fond of black people and refuses to fix any issue in time washers and dryers always braking down currently they have no

fire alarm system they also have power outages on a consistent basis it's a terrible building to rent in trust me these are slum lords

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From may of 2011 I have had bed bugs at my apartment the management had someone to come out but the bed bugs kept coming back it got so bad till I could not stay there I would not recommend it look it up on the internet befor you rent these mangers will not inform you at all

Found Bed Bugs in November of 2010, had to have apartment treated 3-4 times. Moved out after treatment, forced to throw out my brand new mattress. I also had to throw out a ton of other stuff out of fear I would take it to my new place. Spend more money on a nicer apartment and stay away from DUMPS like this. New Management company did hire a professional company to take care of the situation...but after i trashed almost everything and moved out...I came back to do the inspection and I saw a

few crawling on the walls! Beware of this property! They also have a really bad roach infestation. It may look nice and remodeled, but at night it turns into a slum.

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This building is managed by the same company that manages the building at 6610 N. Sheridan Rd. The building at 6610 is infested and many people from 6610 have recently moved to 7301. I heard from many tenants that 7301 is now infested as well. The management company sucks! And most of their buildings are facing foreclosure. That is probably why they don't hire a professional exterminator. All they do is have their nasty maintance man come spray some cheap chemical that does nothing, but spread t

he problem.

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Their are multiple units infested within this building. 8/24/2010

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