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Several months ago I woke up to bites on my neck chest and legs. I thought it was just a spider or maybe even mosquito bites and then a friend of mine was telling me about what she had found in regards to the bites that were on me, she had suggested that they were bed bugs, I was in disbelief of our building having a bedbug problem until i saw them running across my bed one evening. I reported it to the landlord and they said they were going exterminate but time went by and i asked again he said

that there would be an exterminator out that sunday.. then it was changed to the following weekend and then finally nothing happened. Latly my wife, daughter and myself have been bitten by these things and I was in luck to find one crawling on the floor... i killed it and examined it against what pictures i have of them, took pictures but they are so small they came out blurred but you can tell the shape of it right away.

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