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Moved in on Sept. 1 2015. I noticed bedbugs within the first few days. I notified the land lord immediately. The landlord after 2 months has sprayed twice and used a bug bomb as well. Although he claims he is using one, I have yet to see any of the claims of the professional he's using actually materialize.
I did ask if the building had any problems with these sort of bugs or any other related issues before moving in. I was told directly by the landlord it did not. After my first initial r

eport of bedbugs, I was told by the landlord that they had few complaints of this nature in the past. However, upon further talking to other tenants, every tenant I have spoke to about this has similar issues. The reports on this site also indicate a continued problem over the course of many years. I wish I would have found this site first.
It is very upsetting and costly. I am disappointed and as of this writing following the appropriate legal avenues to seek the best remedy available.

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I didn't notice anything until a month or so before I moved. I started seeing what I thought were mosquito bites on my upper arms and some other places. I never had bed bugs but when I lifted my mattress corner I saw them ! I tried different sprays . And my boyfriend even completely encased the mattress in heavy duty plastic and sealed it. Didn't help..but when I was ready to move I ended up throwing out the mattress and re opening everything I had packed..found scores of dead ones even in the

closet ! Of course he said we don't have bedbugs. U brought them...he even asked a neighbor and the neighbor said he didn't have them. The topper came when a neighbor who had just moved in saw me moving and asked if I had any bedbug spray ! And they had just moved in the day before..I'm so sick of landlords blaming everyone instead of taking responsibility when they have an problem before u move in. And one more point. I had been living in other neighborhoods and was in rogers park for a few years and yet never had a single bite...yet within 6 months a previously clean bed became infested with them..

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Bedbugs appeared in 2nd floor unit August of 2012. Landlord was unresponsive. Spread diatomaceous earth liberally, threw away box spring and encased mattress. No new bites after that. Moved on 10/1/12, saw a hideously infested mattress in the alley on moving day.

I got bit all over my legs.
I found a bed bug in a closet.
I moved in a day ago.
Went ahead and purchased Diatomaceous earth on e bay.

This building is still infested!! I started getting bit the first night I moved in.for a month I didn't know what was biting me, until one night I woke up and saw one crawling on my pillow. The landlords tried to say that I had them already which I didn't according to neighbors they said the same thing to them. He came and sprayed himself but never called an exterminator. I talked to my alderman office and they confirmed that this building has had problem with bed bugs before an additi

on to this site. I wish I'd knew about this site before I moved in that building thankfully I didn't take any with me when I moved. It was a nightmare.

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There is an infestation in this building .I did not discover what was biting me at night until my neighbor bought it to my attention from her own encounter.
The city inspectors were at my apartment last week(right after Christmas). They were sent by our alderman(Joe Moore).

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