914 S Miller St
Chicago, IL 60607

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Still have bed bug. Just check it before you move in it.

I moved into the apartment at 914 S Miller St. on late August, 2019. 4 days after I moved in, my roommate told me she was getting bit by bed bug. My roommate asked the landlord for extermination, and we have prepped the apartment as requested. 2 days later, exterminator came, none of us were home for the exterminating process. Over the weekend, my roommate found other bed bugs crawling on her bed. The exterminator came again. This time I was home. The exterminator refuse to admit there has a bed

bug infestation. He used only 20 min to spray the whole apartment. I was trying to lift up the mattress and move the desk for him to spray, however he said that wouldn't be necessary.

So the story repeats for another two weeks. The exterminator come spray for 20 mins. Later on my roommate finds more bed bugs crawling in her room. They placed bed bug traps around our rooms on Sep. 20th. However it did not catch any bed bug, instead, my roommate was getting bite and finding bed bugs on her bed constantly. The following week, I started to getting bit by bed bugs and seeing them around my bedroom area. After 4 exterminating process, the problem did not go away, instead it's expanding. I got 8 bites during the week. And the landlord said there's no bed bug in the apartment.

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