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We found bed bugs about a month ago. From what we can tell they had been around for at least a couple of weeks. The apartment management sent an exterminator and we were very diligent about following all of the treatment instructions. We have not seen a live bedbug in our apartment for a couple of weeks, but we know that they go through cycles of laying eggs that hatch later, so there's not a guarantee that they're gone for good.

We also know that the apartment next to us has it, and continue

s to be treated for them. So we're also not confident that we won't get them again as long as they're still in the building.

Over all the apartment management has been responsive in terms of sending and paying for an exterminator, but it's clear that they see sending the exterminator as a burden. Neither the exterminator or the management has been good about communicating what they found during the treamtments, any update on progress, or things that we should still do to make sure the bugs are gone for good.

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