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I have just encountered bedbugs in my apt, two weeks ago, originally thinking that I had mosquitos that got in through a crack in my kitchen window. One morning my boyfriend and I woke up to linear bites on our neck, legs, arms everywhere. After I found one dead bedbug under my bed I alerted management. She was very accomodating and had the pest control people spray 2 days later. Diligently I bagged up all my clothes, and followed instructions to a tee.
I woke up to multiple bites all over

my body my first night back in the apt.
I have asked that if after 14 days the bugs have not gone to be sprayed again. I have also asked for the records of that particular apt. and if the person before had problems.

If after the second time and since the comment above states they would not pay for a 3rd spray can I legally get out of my lease, with 4 + months left on it?

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In December 2007 I woke up to discover bugs on my bed and blood smears. By the early January 2008 I had caught one and determined they are bed bugs. I have since thrown out 2 mattresses, my book cases, books and some end tables. My landlord provided two fogging treatments and told me that the rest of treating this has to come out of my own pocket. I vaccum 3-4 times a week, I've caulked baseboards, washed all my clothes and sheets in hot water and sleep with the lights on to prevent their migrat

ion. But they are still there. As a renter do I have any rights? Or must I lose everything and leave?

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