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I live here for 2 years (2007-2009) and got the bed bugs. I moved here cause the rent was cheap. It wasn't worth it. If you are waking up to bites that burn a bit like a bad mosquito bite you probably have them. They don't just hide in beds. they hide in all the little cracks and crevices. the whole building has them and if you move in its only a matter of time before you get them and there is really only a few ways to get rid of them. one is illegal now (DDT). it worked well and that's is why m

ost of us only knew bed bugs from 'sleep tight dont let the bed bugs bite'. the other way is to move out and before you move into your new place take everything you want keep put inside a large storage container (pods) or moving truck, place a kerosone/propane heater inside with your things, and heat the ENTIRE inside to 145F. this will kill all bugs and eggs. the problem is legal poison doesn't kill the eggs. so you spray then the eggs hatch. but spraying wont help in the Woodner. enventually you will get them if you live there

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April, 2012
I am moving out next month. I lived here 5 years, the first two of which I had no bed bugs. Roaches first came in. I was able to keep them under control - the building is rife with them. Management/maintenance is very poor here. After two years, I started getting a few bites. Then a full-on assault. Managment sprayed ineffectively 2 times and refused to other times. Each spraying meant coming home to everything being tossed and turning despite my full compliance with what t

hey asked me to do to prepare the apartment in advance. The spraying was very haphazard -- many areas overlooked...didn't even do all the baseboards. I would have bites the next morning. Complaints led to "bedbug inspections" which tossed the apartment but "found no evidence." I would save the critters to show them...again, inspection..again, no evidence. I spent less and less time here. Read about diatomaceous earth on line and have had success with that. But, they are in the halls! I have watched them come in the front door. That combined with other maintenance issues -- I am so over this crappy building and its crime problems (including unsolved murders!), it's terrible apt maintenance (don't let the attractive lobby fool you) and it's attitude.

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There are roaches in every room i suppose!
It will be scary if i find bed bugs as well.

i have been living here since may of 2010 and generallyt enjoy the facilities amenities and love the neighbor hood. beut over the last couple months i have been loosing sleep due to itching. i was under the impression that it was because i switched detergents because this happened once before as a child but i now know its dut to bedbugs. i wake up to bite marks often and i kn ow its them because i have seen them here and there on the walls at night but tonight was the most traumatizing night of

all. after scratching in bed for an hour i get out of bed take a shower only to go back examine my sheets carefully and find a bedbug... this seriously FU&#ED my whole night up!!! inder further investigation i find over a dozen and had them on the back of a piece of duct tape. im moving next week.

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I have lived at the Woodner for the past 8 months and have generally been very happy. For the past 4-6 weeks, however, I have been suffering from what I initially took to be mosquito bites, and then thought to be stress hives (because I've been under a lot of stress recently). If only.

Yesterday evening, as I was changing my bedding, I found a live bed bug scampering across my mattress. I freaked out, caught it in a container, and called to have building maintenance come check it

out. I was told that I'd have to report to resident services the next day at 8 AM. It is now 5 AM, and I have not gotten a wink of sleep all night. I've undertaken a frantic cleaning of my apartment, and have been watching my mattress vigilantly. The container next to me now houses 4 (or 5?) live bed bugs, and two dead ones that I found in my closet. Short of tearing the seams, I've examined my mattress and boxspring fairly carefully and see no telltale bedbug signs like their feces or bloodstains (mine), and not on my sheets or mattress pad either. I am hoping that this means the infestation will not be severe, but based on the other accounts I've discovered on this website, I'm very nervous...

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I have them! Management just did the first treatment.


The building just had a pest control service search our beds! SCARY!
I get bit by lots of mosquito's and am getting paranoid! The building has a ton of roaches and i think baby roaches look like bed bugs...

I had a horrible experience with bed bugs in this building. I didn't know what they were before I moved in here, and of course when I finally figured out the problem, it was the week of the giant snow storm in DC. Anyways it took about 2 weeks to get someone in the spray (again this was due to the storm, and is policy states, they came back a week later as well. Anyways I went to stay with my Aunt and Uncle for the duration, and came back after the second treatment to assurances that the bugs we

re gone. Well that night I want to sleep, and soon woke up with a bed full of bugs. I went to management, who sent in different people to treat my apartment, and after two of those treatments, the problem was taken care of.

All of this was over the span of about two months. I lost weight, couldn't sleep, and had to deal with my body being covered in bites. I seriously question what happened during that first treatment, strongly recommend people to think twice about renting in this building. By the way, I am writing today because I saw a bed bug again in my sheets last night.

I won't be renewing my lease.

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Well here I am back again! On the 8th floor. Woke up today to find a bed bug crawling across the ceiling above my bed. I squashed it and it was full of blood! Yuck! Here we go again! Washing clothing and bedding...the in convienence of it all! -THE 8th floor!

I have been looking to move in the area and found the Woodner interesting and thought a few times to move there. I have never seen a bed bug nor met anyone who has had them and I've lived in different parts of the city. Even in the worst parts I've never seen a bed bug. IS this really true and that bad? It just baffles me considering the rent and all that is supposedly there to offer in the building. I don't mean to look stupid...which I'm sure it sounds that way but should I look elsewhere for

a place to move?


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Bed Bugs Bed Bugs Bed Bugs. This Apartment Building is infested with Bed Bugs. After spraying my place and washing all my beddings that seem to have cured the problem but I am not sure for how long. I spoke to one of the maintenance personnel and he told me that the tenants living right next door to me were also infested with bed bugs. It seems as though I am "helpless" in this situation because the bed bugs crawl through wall, cracks, and other areas I can’t control. I am moving out ASAP.

My husband and I who live on the 8th floor, bought a beautiful couch in late 2007. It was not until early June 2008 that my husband found bed bugs crawling on the couch itself, and he was not sure what they were. He looked it up and found that indeed, these were bed bugs and every time he saw one, he would spray Fabreeze onto it. This product kills them. After one month of trying to take care of it ourselves, we failed and had no choice but to toss the couch due to the spreading of the young. We

had no more problem until mid-October of this year (2008). I found myself bitten all over my arms and neck, not knowing from what. It turns out this time, the bed bugs have been crawling in through the cracks of the walls and an old cable outlet. None of them were found on the bed! Pest control has passed once, but the bugs are still seen on the wall. We are expecting 2 more pest control visits, which unfortunately tend to be the idea of moving out, and back in every time.

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I have never known about bed bugs untill I moved to the Woodner. I am located on the 9th floor and have been bitten numerous times in the month of August 2008. I have scheduled the apartment to be sprayed and are washing all my bedding in hot water. I will continue to do this on a regular basis as long as I am living in the Woodner. I am not sure who to report it to take action. Does anyone have any suggestions?

I had a small case of bedbugs last year. By small I mean it wasn't a huge infestation.
The building did spray and treat. However the woman who schedules things did screw up once. It's very inconvienent considering what they make you do.
The problem did stop.
About 6 months later this started AGAIN. I am hearing this from people on other floors as well.
The Woodner is bad news in terms of bed bugs.

Well,I am posting again. After washing all the bedding and having my apartment sprayed my fight with the dreaded pests is over. I haven't found anymore but sadly a neighbor of mine on the 6th floor is not fairing so well. She has been bitten over and over...they have sprayed and sprayed...and it hasn'[t worked so far.Another friend on the 10th floor had to throw out his sofa and has also been bitten numerous times. Seems there is quite a big problem in this building.Hope something gets done abou

t it.

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I have lived here for about 2 years. I have been bitten by bedbugs and been sprayed for them.It worked for a while then a couple of weeks ago I was bitten again all over the back of my thighs and buttocks. I got mad and looked through all my bedding and found one bedbug. I put all my bedding in bags and washed them in hot water.No bites since then...keeping my fingers crossed.

I'm not sure why I'm the first to report this, but this complex is infested with bedbugs. I've been bitten once every couple weeks in the warmed months since May 2007. I thought that I had finally gotten rid of them (after packing my apartment and having it sprayed 3 times in September 2007), but was bitten again last night, March 2008. Other tenants report similar problems. The DC Resident Services Department has even been in touch with me to find out my experience with bedbugs at the Woodn

er-- it seems like everyone knows about the problem but cant seem to fix it.

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