2480 16th St Nw
Washington, DC 20009

Found 4 reports:

On Aug 5, 2019, Apt. #805 in Dorchester House (2480 16th St NW, Washington, DC) received a heat-treatment for bedbugs. The exterminator was Home Paramount Pest Control, 888-888-HOME, homeparamount.com .

Received a notice that a neighboring apartment had bed bugs. Have not found any in my apartment yet.

I noticed quite a few bites on my boyfriend and then a few days later realized that I had a few myself. So, I looked on the back side of our mattress and sure enough found one of the little guys. 05/18/2011

On October 12th I was notified of an adjacent apartment with bedbugs. I don't know about the extent of their infestation, but I haven't seen any bedbugs in my unit and didn't find any signs after frantically checking my mattress, bed frame, sheets, and furniture. I'm slated for a pest control visit next week.

No nearby bug reports