2901 18th St Nw
Washington, DC 20009-2965

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Bed bugs have been reported on the first and fifth floor and confirmed "off the record" by the exterminator. take caution...

June 9, 2008
2901 18th Street, NW
First Floor

About two weeks ago my son was sleeping on the sofa and he woke up in the middle of the night complaining about feeling crawling on him and a weird bug fell off his sheet.

We checked the sofa he was sleeping on and it was crawling with a few little red/black bugs.

We killed them and in the morning they were gone.

The next day he was itching and so were we painfully and we saw strange bug on our sheet.

The next morning the bugs re

appeared on the sofa with more and more of them and we saw the sofa crawling with them.

We looked it up on the internet and found out with horror that we were being bitten by bed bugs.

We told the landlord and the landlord came and said they would remove the sofa and get an exterminator to come in. I asked what caused it and she told me to throw away some of the bags of clothes I had in my place. I told her I put all my clothes in bags to keep the bugs away.

Throwing away furniture, pillows, sheets, bedding...

Later that day, I went to tell my neighbors that I had bed bugs and asked if they had seen any?

My neighbor next to me said she had been terrorized by the bed bugs for months and the landlord had been exterminating and bombing her apartment. I asked the other neighbor next to her and she also said she had seen the strange bug and showed me the same red rashes on her skin.

YUCK!!! My landlord did not tell us there was a problem on our floor and that she was only exterminating one unit before I saw them in mine.

They need to do all the units beside each other!!! and tell other tenants so they can know what bed bugs are and look out so their unit can be treated. The building manager is not doing this. I am still getting bit my arms had been swollen so red with an reaction last week I could not close them!!!!! We sleep on the metal frames of where a mattress use to be so not to get eaten. We are not able to sleep because it had spread and we want it to stop.

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