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I live in the Park Ellison and have lived here for several years. Cockroaches became a major issue about 18 months ago (early 2010) in my apartment and remain a constant nuisance. The management has brought pest control once in three years - not enough. This is a constant problem which persists and will be a problem for whomever moves in to this establishment

When I first moved into Park Ellison, I woke up one morning with bites all over my legs. I thought it might be bed bugs, but the apartment management's pest control guy did not turn up anything during an inspection the following week.

We have, for months now, been battling cockroaches. The problem is absolutely out of control. Both my boyfriend and I woke up one weekend with a cockroach crawling across our faces. It was awful.

The pest control guy has treated our apartment since then. Whi

le we have not woken up with cockroaches on our face, we are still finding the bastards everywhere. In our kitchen. In our living room. In our bathroom. And sometimes, though less frequently, in our bedroom.

It took about a month for the roaches to start showing up in our apartment, presumably because there is now water and food stored in the place. So I wouldn't necessarily move in just because you don't see bugs during your viewing.

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Roaches are still a major problem in many units (and entire floors) of this building. Management neglects the problem, probably thanks to high turnover among residents. Avoid.

I lived at this apartment for about four years and we always had problems with Cockroches every single year. Management would always send a pest control guy but the roaches never went away. We lived on the 5th floor and when we moved to the 1st floor two years later the problem got worse because we then had to deal with mice. It's not a hygene problem but a problem the apartment has to fix.


I live in the #701 at Park Ellison and have been in the building for over a year now. Never seen any bed bugs in my apartment. May be the previous posters don't clean up after themselves???

I had the same experience at this apt building 1 year ago. I moved because it became clear that it was coming from another apt. I moved soon after I had the place sprayed,got rid of furniture,and washed everything I owned twice over (and not in the laundry facility provided by the apt)....I had the same experience as the other post. I was fine for a few months and then I started getting bitten...I lived on the 4th floor..

I live in an apartment on the fifth floor of the Park Ellison Building. When we moved in four months ago the manager assured us that bedbugs were not a problem, and for the first four months that was true. However, two days after we came back after a long vacation this month (where we stayed only at my boyfriend's house, no hotels, and never had any bites) we started getting bitten. We went on a search tonight and found both a live bedbug next to the baseboard and what look like a bunch of eggs

on our mattress. We have one of those metal loft beds from Ikea that's completely hollow, so have no idea how we're going to be able to disinfect it...

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