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I stayed in a junior suite at the Washington Marriott Wardman Hotel on September 25-30, 2011. I received several bites on my legs. Other people that was attending the same conference as I was experienced rodents on the 9th floor and bed bugs were reported by another individual who was staying in the presidental suite (room 1320). I don't plan to ever go back.

I stayed at the Marriot Wardman Park for 5 days in July 2011 and did not have any bed bug problems. I found the hotel to be very clean and the service was excellent.

OK - I chanced upon this site days before I left to stay at this hotel and was rather freaked by some of the reports.

I have to say - there was *no* indication of any bed bugs or any sort of infestation of any sort! I ended up buying all sorts of spray chemicals to protect me from the menace. Stupid waste of time and money.

Clean efficient and perfectly good accommodation. But left feeling cheated by reports here.

Stayed at the Marriott Wardman Park on May 27-29 for a conference. Was a little hesitant after reading the reviews, but had no incidences with bedbugs throughout the duration of my stay. Room #7324 (King Suite) was free of bedbugs, and none of the five bedrooms in the Presidential Suite (#6300) were good. I'd recommend staying in the Wardman Tower as we did (or requesting a room there) as there seem to be a lot less guests going through it than the main hotel, it seems to be the "overflow" part

of the hotel.

Hope this helps, and don't go nuts like I did!

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Stayed in this hotel on December 13, 2009. When we woke up, we had bites on our chest and neck.
One month later at home, my husband was getting bitten at night, and developing an allergy to the bites. We never had an infestation before.
Called an exterminator who confirmed an infestation.

My husband was at a conference at this hotel this past August and upon his return my brother had visited with us and had a row of small bites on his arm and leg. Soon after we began to find small bugs around our bed. We had never had any occurrences of any bug infestation prior to this so I was concerned as to where they would have come from. In my research I read that the bugs could be carried from hotel in your luggage and this was the only place either of us had visited recently. If you're go

ing to stay here be sure to have them inspect the room prior to.

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I stayed at this hotel for a conference for three nights from 7/15/09 to 7/18/09. I don't remember what room I was in, but it was on the 10th floor in the new tower. On my last night there, I woke up with several bites on each arm. I could tell they weren't mosquito bites, and my initial response was concern that they were bedbug bites. When I got home, I googled pictures of bedbug bites, and they looked like what I had. I saw a friend a few days later who had experience with bedbugs, and sh

e confirmed my bites were from bedbugs. I called the hotel 4 days after I checked out and reported that I'd been bitten by bedbugs in their hotel. They took down all my information, including the number of bites I had and where they were located. They did not apologize or express concern, and they told me that nobody had reported bedbugs in that room before. They said someone would get back to me within 3 to 5 days. It's been two weeks now, and nobody has called me.

Since my stay there, I've heard three stories (one firsthand, two secondhand) of people who attended the same conference and thought they'd been bitten by bedbugs in this hotel. I know at least one other person reported her bites to the Marriott.

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