1200 N St Nw
Washington, DC 20005-5101

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As recently as 3/28/2012 www.princeofpetworth.com a very well-respected local blog had some discussion on the forums about this building which apparently still has problems with bedbugs despite denials by the management company. http://forum.princeofpetworth.com/question/YjVTQylLCGc=/bed-bug-question

Been here two years, never encountered any bedbugs.

I lived here at the end of 2008 and got bedbugs... that I moved to my next apartment. I was able to get rid of them but it was a huge pain in the neck. I'm sure the bugs were in the building-- some of the neighbors had beds and furniture out on their patios/balconies. Renter beware!

I have lived in a Penhouse studio at the Mondrian for 9 months now and haven't had any issues with bedbugs. I am a clean person, and I bought new furniture when I moved in--so maybe that is a factor.

I promise to report back to this site if bedbugs ever become an issue here in my apt at the Mondrian.


Roommate had potential bed bugs, not confirmed. Found bites on her body, management came and sprayed the next day. Hasn't had bites since then. Was told by a friend that had lived in this building before that bed bugs were an issue in the entire building.

I lived here for a year. I loved my apartment, the location, and the cheap rent, but couldn't handle the bedbugs. Everything I tried wouldn't get rid of them, the exterminator came and he couldnt get rid of them either. Upon closer inspection, we found out it was because they were hiding in the walls, and nothing will ever get rid of them. The building seems to be completely infested.

My roommate moved out because of the bugs. I have a terrible infestation, and all signs point to the fact that theyre coming from the ceiling and neighboring apartments. This building is completely infested.

One of my roommates woke up with bites all over his arms. We found a bunch of the bugs under the couch, and then found one upstairs. Apartment has been sprayed, but it seems they're still there. I assume other apartments in the building (the Mondrian) have bugs too...

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