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I am the current president of the Radius Condo. The only infestation of bed bugs that has been brought to the attention of the Board is one that started in a unit rented by slovenly grad students. As far as I am aware, it was contained to that unit, and I have no knowledge of any tenant ever moving out of the Radius because of bed bugs.

The poster claimed that the loft style of construction is conducive to bed bugs. I have never heard that before, and a look at the map on this website sugg

ests that very many of the surrounding buildings have been reported as having been infested with bed bugs, and few if any of them are loft style.

I'd be happy to discuss the Radius with anyone interested in doing so. Please call the building management office and ask for my number and or email, and they will give it to you. That number is 202-289-1212. While I am in no way suggesting that the other post is less than accurate, it does not comport with what I know of the building, and I was one of the original owners. One would do well to be aware of lots of things, including anonymous posts on bed bug message boards.

Ken Kilgour

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My wife and I rented in the Radius building for a time. What began as a few bites on our ankles and hands escalated quickly. We had our mattress and box spring in bags and yet still had problems. Some of this is caused by the "industrial style" walls which provide perfect breading grounds for bed bugs. We had an exterminator in several times and washed and cleaned constantly and still they continued to multiply. The investation finally became so bad we had to move out. We have not had a single i

ssue with bed bugs since we lived in the Radius desipite being frequent travelers. Beware.

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