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June, 2012, There are bed bugs in my apartment on the 8th floor. I told the management at the Miramar and there is someone coming in two days to give a extermination treatment. They said they are going to also check apartments surrounding mine. Beforehand, I have to wash and pack up all sheets, curtains, clothing and place in plastic bags, disassemble my bed and move all furniture and picture frames away from the walls....this includes my packed closet as well and all clothing stored in my dres

There are two follow up treatments for the two weeks after so I have to somehow live like this for the next three weeks. The management was helpful in resolving the problem but this is an absolute nightmare!! And how am I supposed to wait for two days for the exterminator??

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There are currently bed bugs on the 4th floor of the Miramar. Management told me that it was "personal" problem, and not a "building problem," which is a lie. There have been two other reported cases on the 4th floor in the last month. They are currenlty spraying, but only my apartment, so others are likely to be infected soon.

My neighbor reported having bed bugs in their apartment in May 2009. Recently in July the bed bugs arrived in my apartment after they "treated the whole tier" which included my apartment. All of which has never been the same since this treatment.

This week, a mattress was ditched by a resident onto the 14th-Street sidewalk outside of this large building. The mattress was marked "Bed Bugs" in big permanent-marker letters. It wasn't clear which apartment number it came from, but there couldn't have been a clearer indicator of bed-bug activity at that address.

My neighbor reported having bed bugs in their apartment in March 2009. Recently in August the bed bugs arrived in my apartment.

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