525 New Jersey Ave Nw
Washington, DC 20001-2019

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My husband and I stayed from 12/27/12-1/1/13. The third day my husband woke up with several itching red bites on his stomach and legs. I did not have any bites so I didn't think much of it until the last day when I also had several itching bites on my ankle. I am pretty sure they were bed bugs. Our maid service was very poor as well and I don't think she changed the sheets once in 5 days. After reading the other reports it doesn't sound like it would have mattered much to tell the staff. W

on't be going back there.

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I stayed at this hotel with my wife in late September 2011. She woke up with over 20 bites. We ended up going to a dermatologist and had them biopsied - came back as bed bugs. The manager told us she would refund our room - never happened. The staff was quite rude about it. When I informed them that my wife was bit, the response was "So?"

My family and I arrived at this hotel rather late. We got to our room and on the top cover of the bed was a bed bug. I called the front desk and was told that they didn't know if they had another room. The gentleman at the front desk was not very helpful, nor was he very knowledgeable and was extremely slow. I told them that I wouldn't stay in the same room and wanted another one on a different floor. Maintenance came up and confirmed that it was a bed beg. We got a new room, needless to say, di

d not sleep very well. In the morning, the front desk asked me how my stay was and I told them. He mentioned that he would have the General Manager contact me..... well, that never happened. I understand places have bedbugs, what I don't understand is the staff and their matter of fact attitude.

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I arrived at the hotel January 29th and checked out the morning of February 3rd. The morning of my second night stay I awoke with one bed bug on my back.

The hotel sent all of my clothes out for cleaning; sprayed my suit cases and shoes. They also move me to a different room.

The hotel did an inspection of the room; they found one other bed bug.

I stayed 2 more nights in the new room; as far as I know I did not have any bed bugs in the new room.

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