833 E 14th Ave
Denver, CO 80218-1802

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I literally just stopped to meet Rene to look at this apartment. I happened to google the address & came across these postings! I looked at the unit regardless & asked him if they resolved the issue?..he threw his hands up, slammed the door in my face & told me to get out!!! He claimed that plenty of renters wouldn't have an issue & I had to leave!!
Holy crap!! I had every right to inquire about a potential health threat to myself & my 6 month old puppy!!...this guys a total jerk & his reaction

said to me that it is still an issue!
Further more the place was listed at $600 & upon arrival it was all of a sudden $750- BE AWARE of this place for sure!!

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I have not lived here but there are things you can do to fix it. Denver has a # you can call, 311, help call center and they will direct your call to the appropriate place or call the "Department of Enviromental Health" and they will assign your case to one of 4 people who will come out and assest the problem and will make the landlord fix it. If the landlord does not fix it, call again and then they will make him go to court and a judge will fine them and make them fix it. City Housing Code req

uires apartment owners and operators to keep premises free of insects.

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Everything in this post is correct I lived here as well and had to leave before my lease was up because my dog almost died from the amount of bites I was getting. Rene tried to fight me one night when he was coked out of his mind and he wont tell you who the owners are. We tried our best to find out but its hidden from the view of the renter. Please someone with some power here in Denver get the city to do something about his building and this man. I lived on the bottom floor too and about twice

a month I would come home and there would be sewage coming out of my drains and filling up my bathtub. Rene would never clean it up He would just make me do it. THIS WAS THE WORST BUILDING EVER.

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My boyfriend and I moved into this apartment in June of 2011 & Stayed until February of 2012. At first, I didn't notice anything, then about 3 months into living there I started to get bed bug bites on my arms and legs. A few months later I was completely covered. My boyfriend never had a single bite! I asked Rene (who is a drunk coke head, the other anonymous poster is absolutely correct in that assumption) what he thought it could be (I knew there was a rodent problem, I had seen droppings

and on a few occasions actual mice) and he ignored my requests for an exterminator and when I wouldn't stop asking him he started threatening me with eviction!!
After cleaning the apartment every day from ceiling to floor, checking the bed & even taking my hair dryer to it I never saw a single bug! I gave up. I couldn't sleep. I couldn't eat. It was effecting my work & my personal life. I thought I was losing my mind!
We finally moved out in Feb (about 2 month after I completely gave up on cleaning and searching) & my boyfriend and friends were moving our stuff out while I was at work the found HUNDREDS of bed bugs on the boxspring! We had to throw everything out, wash all our clothes & shoes, buy all new bed, bedding and furniture (couch, automen, futon, etc)
THEN that slumlord tried to take me to court for Feb's rent!! They dropped the case after I said I would counter sue for all my lost belongings & emotional distress, but I cant believe that guy! He is knowingly moving people in and out of that dump and spreading this problem all over the city!
If you made the mistake of moving in there keep records of EVERYTHING because I can pretty much promise you you'll be in court with this loser someday.

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Spread diatomaceous earth around the bed and floors...it will kill bed bugs within 10 days and is non-toxic. The building can very well be infested but some people may not be allergic to the bites. All of Capitol Hill is filled with them. Get educated...it has nothing to do with cleanliness!

I just moved in 2 months ago and it has been a disaster. The "landlord", Rene, is a drunk and a crack head. He didn't fix or clean anything before I moved in and refuses to do anything about the horrible bed bug infestation. I've gotten hundreds of bites, had to get rid of a lot of my stuff, and haven't had a good nights sleep in weeks because of the bugs. When I complained about the bed bugs, Rene told me he was going to evict me for complaining. Actually, I've already seen 2 people evicted fro

m the place in 2 months!

Also, the company that I write my checks out to does not exist as a legal entity and there is no one accountable for the problems in this complex.


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I haven't seen any bug bugs but I have killed at least 30 mice in the last two months. The landlord rene wont do anything about it because he's drunk/coke head

I have only heard about this bed bug issue. I have lived at the Emerson for 7 months now and haven't yet experienced bed bugs. The idea of them is disgusting but I keep the apartment clean and hope to not discover anything! The landlord is a bit unprofessional but is very caring and aware of his tenants. This isn't the newest cleanest building to begin with and the cost to live here is fair. I do believe for the right people its a decent place to live.

I have only heard about this bed bug issue. I have lived at the Emerson for 7 months now and haven't yet experienced bed bugs. The idea of them is disgusting but I keep the apartment clean and hope to not discover anything! The landlord is a bit unprofessional but is very caring and aware of his tenants. This isn't the newest cleanest building to begin with and the cost to live here is fair. I do believe for the right people its a decent place to live.

I Just moved out of the building and had to abandon everything that I owned. I notified the Manager a.k.a. "drunk ass" three times about the situation. Instead of dealing with it he would get belligerent to the point cops had to be called. The Manager is an unreliable drunk. If you have a leak call the health department since it will never get fixed. Instead you will have you live with a gapping hole in your ceiling for over a month. The Bed Bugs are so bad that you can see them crawling across

the floor at late hours of the night. Bed Bugs are supposed to be hard to find. Well they are every where in this apartment building. Right now there are adds for this complex on line DO NOT MOVE in if you want to keep you stuff and you sanity!

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To my knowledge i have live here for 5years in this apartment building and i have never have the bedbugs problem. i dont see... why all this ppl have to talk so much.. saying that all the building is infested if that was really the problem i will move.. but is not i have no complains to make.. ACTING LIKE KIDS DOESNT GET YOU NO WHERE... LADY OK IF YOU HAVE PROBLEMS THAT OK BUT MAKE IT EVERYONES PROBLEM!! TALK FOR YOUR SELF NOT FOR OTHERS.. YOU HAVE HEALTH PROBLEM WELL THAT UR LIFE YOU SHOULDNT U


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Submitted by Lucy Doll tenant :

This building is infested- I've tried for three months now to get the manager to do something about the bed bugs- he's too drunk to do anything- I'm a cancer patient who is bed bound currently and have become food for these bugs- Terminex and Orkin have both been to my apt. and they have informed me that the entire building needs to be debugged. The landlord Rene has threatened to evict me due to my complaints. Being sick has left me with little to n

o income and little recourse. According to him the only reason he'll let me stay after the complaints I've lodged is that "I'm dying".
I'm going to contact 9 News, Department of Health and the Denver Housing Authority- no one should have to live in these conditions. The landlord actually asked me if he could borrow $20 after I made these complaints to go out and get beer. My son had over 100 bites from last night alone, my belongings are worthless now and I cannot take them with me.
This building is owned by "Emerson Inc.", but for some reason there is no listing of this company anywhere and the landlord will not provide me with a way to contact them.
No one should live in this building- healthy or ill.

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THIS BUILDING IS INFESTED!!!! The landlord is a lazy drunk and doesnt do SHIT about the problem. I notified him of my bed bug problem 2 times before calling the health department and having an inspector come to the building. They should be coming this week. As we speak, he is on Craigslist advertising move-in specials...HMMMMMMM. I am moving asap. DO NOT LIVE HERE, YOU WILL BE SORRY!!!!

It was close to a year ago that I had gotten
bit. The landlord took care of the problem
and I have not been bit since. I have lived
here for well over three years. To my
knowledge the problem has been solved. I keep
a very clean apartment, maybe other tenants
should attempt the same.

The Emerson at 833 E. 14th Avenue, Denver, CO 80218 is FULL of bedbugs. The owner is apathetic and the manager is full of s---. DON'T MOVE HERE!!!

We moved in earlier this year to the Emerson and at first it was really nice. Then a few months ago we started waking up with bites. After some research we found out we had bed bugs. We told the landlord and he sprayed a few times, but we still have them. He will not call a professional! We've had to throw out some of our furniture, but the bed bugs are still getting in through electrical sockets and baseboards. Do not move here.

We moved in The Emerson in Febuary of 2008 and cleaned the Apt. from top to bottom with bleach. the walls went from tan to almost wite. two weeks later one of us started getting bit by something, and we didn\'t know what?? We started joking about bed bugs thinking it was just a spider. The bighting just got worse. we sprayed the whole apt with bug killer... the biting didn\'t stop. one night we were layin in bed and we cought a bus. We searched searched the inter net for bugs and one of the firs

t pages had bed bugs and it was an exact match. we had never had bed bugs before this and had to get rid of everything from our bedroom to stop the bites. All we know is we had Three places over the past few years but never a problem till we moved in to The Emerson at 833 E 14th ave denver co 80218.

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The Emerson Apartments are infested. Recently many tenants have moved out of this building because of the problem. One neighbor stated, "what I do is sleep with the lights on, windows open, rub vaseline on the seams of my mattress (which traps them inside)...and I get bit less now." IS THIS ANY WAY TO LIVE??! Another neighbor claimed this has been an ongoing problem for the last couple of years. I had no knowledge of the severity of this problem prior to living in an infested pl

ace like this. The landlord is aware and denies the problem. Stay away from this place. What a nightmare!

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