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I stayed at the Jacquard on 10/28/19 for 1 night. I now have over 60 bed bug bites. My doctor confirmed they are definitely bites, and not some sort of skin irritation/reaction. He also noted they are extremely consistent with bed bug bites (clusters of 3, itchy red, show up in the AM, etc), and did not fit the bill for any other common insect bite. I did not know I was bitten on Monday, so I did not check the hotel for bedbugs; however the bites started appearing when I got home (it is very com

mon for bites to appear anywhere from 1-14 days later). With 60+ bites, the bedbug infestation is likely to be very large (a single bed bug will typically bite you 3 times, and they feed every 5-10 days. So to receive 60 bites insinuates there are at least 20 bugs feeding that night, and X amount of others who were not).

By now, I've read just about every article there is on bedbugs, and am certain that's what bit me; there is no doubt in my mind.

My boyfriend has not gotten any bites(disclaimer: apparently 30% of people do not get reactions to bug bites) Every day since then, we have performed a VERY thorough inspection in our home to try to find any evidence of bed bugs. We have still found nothing -- no red or brown stains, no bugs, no exoskeleton, no musty smell. We've used a UV flashlight across the entire room, mattress, box spring, headboard, couches, pillows, carpet drapes, etc. I've even woken up at 4AM (when they're most likely out to feed) and found zero evidence. Out of precaution, we've washed everything in our room/living room on high heat and bagged all items. After approx 2 weeks and several very thorough daily inspections, there is still zero sign of infestation at my home. Neither of us have traveled anywhere else in this time, and we have not had any guests over. I have not contacted the Jacquard, as I assume they will not admit to anything and am not interested in wasting my time going back and forth with them. I am posting this as a precaution to others who might stay there, and for a sanity check for others who stayed there recently and also got bit, and are tearing apart their homes trying to find evidence. Good luck out there!

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