1288 Mission St
San Francisco, CA 94103-2722

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On 2-9-15, me n my fiance rented a room here at the Potter hotel n noticed later that evening that my fiance had numerous of bites on her legs, hips, neck, n back. Found out that they were bed bugs. I have pictures of all the bed bug bites n a pill bottle full of bed bugs that i caught in numerous places if this room. This hotel is infested with bed bugs. Me n my fiance will follow this up with legal action immediatel.

First rented a room here at the Potter Hotel room #439. First noticed a bug within an hour after moving in the room. By not really knowing anything or how a bed bug look, i dusted the bug off the blanket. The next morning i woke up with numerous of bites on my chest, shoulders, n back. I mentioned it to management at which time i was told by management that they did not have bed bugs here n that i must have brought the bed bugs with me. I moved here from a house not another hotel n ive never enc

ountered a bed bug problem till i moved here.

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The San Francisco County Attorney has been contacted about the problem.... They are going to Pull the potters Hotel Business License........
NBC News has been contacted with pics that are goin to be posted on live tv

I payed for one week in room 330 at the potter .two nights later i was covered with bedbug bites!i demanded a refund but shr charged me 160,00 for two nights! I have pictures and those dmb bugs are as big as roaches! I will e contacting the building inspecter on. 1-5-15 shit will hit the fan.two thumbs way down for the potter

Bedbugs at the Potter Hotel are currently out of control.

I've lived here for years and have seen dozens of people bitten. There is a tenant living here now that has incurred over 100 thousand dollars in medical bills this year from bedbug bites.

Bedbugs are in the hallways, stairwells and elevator. It's rare not to see several at any given time in the bathrooms.

Management does nothing to control the infestation other than cleaning a room when a tenant moves out.

I have spent severa

l thousand dollars eliminating them from my room. Still they are brought in by guests or by sitting on the chairs in the lobby.

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Place has bedbugs but management will spray when asked and i have not had a problem with them in over a year. Other tenants are not so lucky and depending on the floor your living on, some are worse off than others. The second floor where the management lives seems to be pretty bug free.

The entire place is riddled with bedbugs. They come out of the walls, out of the ceilings, out of the floorboards--which are more like carpet folded over the cracks in the walls. Management wants the tentant to pay $80 to remove them, sprays under sink once monthly for general pest control.

To remove, discard matress, don't spend time sleeping on floor. Kill bugs with a disinfectant spray when spotted.

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