1738 Garfield Pl
Los Angeles, CA 90028

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I moved to this apartment on June 16th 2019. Around June 30th I got the first bite on my hand.
I spoke to the manager who told me it was spider bites and he would spray my unit. Due the fact I have never dealt with bedbugs before I believed the manager.
The following 2 weeks, I got more bites, told the manager but he said he didn't know what it was. I saw a huge bedbug momma on the wall giving birth. I had to squeeze her body and out her in a jar to prove to the owner and manager.
The bedbug

had a baby in the jar.

I requested a professional spray company coming to my unit. The owner of the building at first said the manager would spray my unit.
After the first spray from the professional company, I saw a live centipede coming out from the carpet to the kitchen. The owner replied to me saying "I don't have any information about centipedes. They are not common in the LA Area"
The building is 1736/1738 Garfield Pl

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