318 S Kingsley Dr
Los Angeles, CA 90020-3410

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I used to live here; i am still very close by. Passed by today, and someone dumped all of their furniture out in front (on the side) once again. Too bad the bedbug problem isn't being handled. I saw 1 apartment getting heat treatment once, but what's the point if the apt above, below and next to you are infested and not being treated?

I used to live in this building and luckily, I didn't have bedbugs. The problem was escalating and spreading quickly though. People constantly move in and out of this building and usually end up leaving when they realize they have unwanted bugs already living in their apts..then they would end up leaving all of their belongings in the lobby or trying to sell all of their infested belongings which I don't get...If you understand what it's like to deal w/ the bedbugs, then why pass the bedbugs to

someone else/somewhere else? isn't it a horrible experience? I would leave signs about the bedbugs in the stuff left in the lobby, and they would get torn down all the time. I enjoyed living here;the apts are cute too. Too bad the bedbug situation isn't being treated. Glad I got out of there on time
Check out bedbugger.com
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O yeah, I miss the building cat "Kingsley", I hope he's okay

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Furniture from apartment 110 was left in the lobby with a 'for sale' sign on it and stayed there for almost a week. It was infested with bedbugs - and probably the back of the building where it came from too. They could now be in the hallways, the elevator, anywhere - all not kept in a very clean manner either. Nothing has been vacuumed since last summer.

Serious bedbugs were on the 3rd floor this summer. had to throw out the bed and the sofa.

Sooo...today I'm coming home from work, and once again there's another mattress thrown out in front of this building...do NOT take any free items left out here...no matter how nice they look; this building is infested!

A law student in apartment 504 just moved out. claiming to have had bedbugs. According to the tenant, the management did not provide any treatment for the apartment.

The nice people in apartment 107 recently moved out because the apartment was infested with bedbugs, and according to them management did nothing about it Their couch was left in the lobby with a note that said 'free' on it. Nice big couch, but someone looked and found it was loaded with bedbugs. If it was taken by another tenant then that apartment is now infested. As well as the hallways and stairs from the apartment to the lobby, and back to another apartment.

And the young lady in apar

tment 205 moved out a few days ago because of bedbugs and roaches. Her belongings, including upholstered chair, bed frame and clothing are also in the lobby of the building, being picked through by other tenants. Same story as above.

The entire building has also been thoroughly infested with mice for many months - with management not reacting to it at all, despite being notified by many people. Major denial and trying to blame tenants for everything.

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Apartment 202 just moved out, claiming to have had bedbugs for quite a while, showing bites and wounds and saying the problem 'never was resolved'. Don't think the apartment has been treated since? Also apartment 304 said she had them too, and 'never had a treatment'. She also moved out a while ago, still vacant and with some kind of legal thing going on with the apartment.

The exterminator finally managed to get rid of the bedbugs in 502 and 302. Apartment 402 was blamed for 'doing somet

hing' that made them move to other apartments, but he used a chemical that killed them on the spot, so they weren't able to go anywhere. He had to do it again a few weeks later to kill the eggs that hatched since. So all is well there.

No need to throw out mattresses or spend $5,000.00. People try to take advantage of others' fears.

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Bedbugs are a national epidemic. New York City just formed a commission on how to deal with them. It's that serious.

They could be brought in by sitting on a bus bench where a homeless person spent the night before, or from panicking and buying a new mattress, without thinking that the truck bringing you the new mattress is infested with bedbugs left over from the old mattress they just took away.

Or from someone moving in with a rented truck - which also could be infested with bedbugs


In this case the tenant moved in downstairs when the poor guy upstairs started getting mysterious symptoms. And her parents had recently arrived from the Philippines. Might just be a coincidence . . . but?

And then there was a tattooed chick in the adjacent apartment downstairs. Need we pursue this further? Just another possibility.

And God knows what crawling around in the elevator. Could be a lot of things.

He was literally eaten alive for two months without knowing what the problem was. Only then was he filled in by one of the handymen and the management.

After going through even more hell he managed to get rid of all of the critters by himself, without the assistance of anyone. There was no help offered by professional exterminators, who have since acknowledged after several thorough inspections, that he doesn't have them anymore.

During the three and a half months of the ordeal, including bites, welts, and open bloody wounds, he lost thousands of dollars of work because no one would allow him to do work in their homes.

Needless to say it was a mental, physical and economical nightmare for the poor guy. He's still trying to recover from it.

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It started from there being a bedbug infestation in all of the buildings owned by this person and managed by this management company. Possibly brought in by workers scratching feverishly, or by relatives of tenants visiting from the Northeast or Asia. They tried to keep it a secret at first, but when it got out of hand they decided to post those informative signs on tenants' doors. Major pain.

11/27/2009 7pm - Kingsley Manor
I came home to find a note on my door about bed bug reports in this apt. building...this is terrible!!! I read about this crap all the time, I'm always checking this website and now it's around my home..I'm going to go talk to the manager about what apt this originated in...:(

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