845 Burrard St
Vancouver, BC V6Z

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Numerous bites after spending 3 nights at Sutton Place hotel in Vancouver May 4 and checked out
May 7
Was told they had housekeeping do an investigation and didn’t find bed bugs. Waiting for GM to call.
Very upsetting

Feb 1 2020 - Bedbug crawled across my pillow. Checked out immediately

On September 8, 2015 I was Sitting on my bed enjoying wine a saw a bug crawl across the white duvet. I trapped it under a glad with a piece of paper. I did a Google search and it was 100% an adult bed bug. Called the front desk and they switched our room. The bug was still under glass for concierge to see. The next morning the manager said they will do an inspection. I'm guessing we will get a refund.

Was bitten June 2015. HAND ARMS AND FEET...........

A red bed bug nymph crawled onto the table in the first floor conference room.

Sutton Place Hotel Vancouver
845 Burrard St
Vancouver BC

I found a bedbug in my bed!!!

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