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Vancouver, BC V6G

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Sept 01, 2015

I have lived in this building for many years, and have lived in other buildings in the West End too, and I found the building, management and staff to be very positive, pleasant, attentive and polite. And any issues I had in my suite were always taken care of promptly.

I know that that the elevators are getting modernized, which I understand is very expensive, and with any big renovation there is always some hiccups involved, but it gets resolved as best as possibl

e and as soon as possible.

In my many years of living in the West End, there has always been young, old people, students, seniors, and foreign students.

The building is very easy access to all the amenities one would need ( restaurants, food stores, transportation and close to downtown, etc. ). It is also close to Stanley Park, and walking distance to English Bay, so it does attract all kinds of people.

If I leave this building, it won’t be because of the management or staff or the building itself.

It is a place that I have called home for many years.

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TERRIBLE, I had to move out of here. Elevators do not work, no bike room, mice running everywhere! bed bugs. Building manager does nothing to help. Refuses to give me my deposit back. Told me my Lights (Which I cannot reach) were too dirty inside the light. I had no water in my shower, for a week. When I first moved in, I asked them to please fixed my closet doors. They never did. Then when they were doing their inspection, the husband tells me its my fault and that he was never told to fix them

. Then I tell him to say it again while I am recording him and then he says well, I don't know, I will have to check my reports...He then proceeds to take out my fridge and oven, while hitting my cabinet doors and dragging it across the floor and tells me the crack in behind it are not clean enough. He then wipes down my blinds which are perfect, and when he is writing down his report, out loud says "Blinds do not meet standards, not clean". I am furious. My father and I started a petition in the lobby and within an hour got 30 people to sign complaining about all the things I stated above. It was funny actually,. while we were talking to someone regarding the cleanliness of the building, and how awful it is, a mouse ran by. How lovely. I feel bad because I feel many people are taken advantage at this building because many are students, do not speak English and/or are too old. Another factor I may add on elderly people. THE ELEVATORS DO NOT WORK. I spoke to someone who told me they have been living here 4 years and the elevators have not been working. What if someone were to have a heart attack or need an ambulance who lives on a high floor, what then?! Please we need to have new landlords. Even if I am moved out as of today (Aug. 31, 2015) I will not stop until they are no longer working there or something has been done. It is sickening especially when they live in the building! I have contacted the rentalsman and I am not going to stop there.

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Very bad bed bug infestation, had my apartment sprayed a couple times a year ago. Threw out brand new bed and all brand new furniture, most clothes and cleaned everything else. They were gone for awhile, and returned about 6months later. They have only appeared in one room ever. Vacuuming and cleaning once a week in this room in a complete sweep to get rid of them, every crook and cranny, their nests and every trace by pulling all furniture out (and cleaning every bit of it completely) and yet t

hey still come back very quickly. This is because they get in through the walls from the apartment next door. Obviously tenants come and go and really don't give a damn about any of this.

When the landlord did throw the bedbug powder all over the place, I soon after saw bedbugs crawling all over it, still alive. Pretty sure nothing will get rid of them, hoping to move ASAP. Right now my only option is to keep up with the weekly clean sweep to keep them at bay.

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Over a 2 week period I had been bitten 3 to 4 times. Always waking up with the bites - so it's definately happening at night. The bites are often in a little row with 3 bites clustered together.

I was pretty sure they were bed bugs - although no evidence in or around the bed, therefore the infestation is probably coming from someone else apartment and spreading into mine.

The building manager has arranged extermination for myself and a neighbour who also has them, and states all

tenants will be receiving information pamphlets in a couple of days. Fingers crossed.

I am telling everyone in the building though so they can start paying attention. I think lots of times people think they are being bitten by fleas or mosquitos.

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I used to live at this building a couple years ago; the day we moved in someone moving out said "we'll see how long you can take it" and I had no idea what he meant until I had lived there for a year.

When we had bedbugs and asked Wilma about it she was very helpful at first but as I started to realize the problem was widespread I went to talk to her again. She asked us not to mention anything in front of someone who was in the lobby. I can only guess it was a prospective tenant.


le, we were throwing out many of our belongings to try and make it easier for the exterminator when he came in. We still had them coming out of the walls after two sprayings. They should be required by law to disclose an infestation but in BC they are not. That infestation probably cost us over $1K in cleaning, replacing, and laundering.

I posted on the bedbug registry for this building, and was the first one (I think; unless others removed their posts). However, after doing so, William YELLED at us and we were bullied into taking it down. We found a new place the next day and moved out after the 3rd spraying. I'm posting this here now as a cautionary tale and because we don't need them as landlord references anymore. I am sad to see so many people are still dealing with this problem. I was really anxious and paranoid for over a year after leaving that building.

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Just to let everyone know, the Landloard isn't authorized in any way to spray or apply diatomaceous earth in anyone's suite as he doesn't posess a pest control applicatior certificate.

Although many people seem to think Diatomaceous earth is natural and safe, it should definately NOT be applied in quantitythroughout an aparement, it's for control along baseboards and thresholds only.
Applying on carpets etc can result in the dust being stirred up and inhaled, which can result in lung conditi

ons similar to Asbestosis/Mesothelioma.

If you are a resident and develop any sort of lung condition while living in this building, I'd contact a lawyer for legal advice as you might have grounds to file a lawsuit against the property manager/landlord for your medical bills + damages to your health through improper use of Diatomaceous earth!

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This building is going to make me become "religious". Why? Simple. Now I have to pray, pray, pray that the bed bugs are "gone" for good after just one spraying. Management has decided one spraying is good enough because just one was found in my bathroom and no other signs of infestations exist in my unit. If there are anymore, I hope they've moved along.

We used to live in this building. Lots of bedbugs!! The exterminators went almost every month and we had to clean wash our clothes and vacuum every day. After five months the bedbug problem in our appartment seemed to go away, however with so many people around not cleaning their appartments, it was an impossible battle and they came back.

Building definitely has a bed bug problem. Was limited to certain areas but of course, has spread. Resident landlord has been very secretive about it for over a year now, but I've finally just last week been notified they will be inspecting my suite. People beside me and below me have them, so I'm sure I will get them as I have yet to be sprayed, despite surrounding suites being sprayed months ago.

Don't move in!!

Dear Wilma.
To say that the landlords are not to blame is pretty irresponsible. YOU are the ones renting out the suites to people; therefore, YOU should be properly screening tenants. The tenants that you describe who move into friends apartments and come and go are obviously of the ESL sort. DO NOT RENT TO THEM!!!
They are only here for a good time--nothing else.
Have you not learned your lesson yet?

From : The Desk Of The Manager :

Landlord has resonded immediately to any bed beg problem .................. if ........ and we say if ...the tenants reports the bedbug problem to us
We would like to state that the landlords are not the problem with BED BUGS .It is with the tenants who brings them into the building with them .
The tenants brings them in and gives them to their friends in other suites then they blame the landlord for not looking after the problem
Dear Tenants , how a

bout informing the managers about the problem. It is always good to see the manager or drop us a note. But , to state that we do nothing and you go from suite to suite with your friends then blame the landlord for the problem ...........not very good!!!!!
It is not always the students ....that brings the bedbugs into the building .....
As stated , we have a wonderful pest control person who has looked after the building for years and we have always looked at any bedbug problems .with great concern along with fast and quick action on the landlord part ..However that been said , Please report any problems to your landlord. Do not hide the fact that you have them they do not go away on their own.
We never had the bed bugs our selfs and we clean the suites after the tenants move -out because the first thing we do is have it sprayed.
Yes , it cost money to have your belonging replaced. We had bed bugs in a strata apartment building and we had to purchase new bed and bedroon furniture along with clothing and front room furniture......
Like we have said , before , it was cock roaches in the 1980 and 1990 in the west end of vancouver and Abbotsford and as far as Squamish ... and the best of the Hotels and apartment building had them ..
Remeber to contact your manager or caretaker as soon as possible so treatment can begin and this is the only way ..... we are here to help you
to say goodbye to the bedbugs

Robson Place Manager

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I lived in this apartment building in 2004. We had bedbugs there for 6 months. The landlords were good enough to send in Allied Pest control twice, but the fumigator, after fumigating twice said that fumigation was useless because the infestation problem was too much, and that they were getting into our apartment from someone else's. He said that everyone would have to be cleared out of the building and the place fumigated 3 or 4 times over the month -not very practical for a landlord trying to

make money to put everyone in the building up for a month! So, the landlord, thank you for you efforts, but I think the problem may be bigger than just fumigating an apartment at a time.

We had to throw out our bed, as well as as a couple of other pieces of furniture because there was no way of getting rid of them. Moved out when our lease was up. It's too bad, the apartment was nice, the price right, location great and the management pretty good. Unfortunately, this problem seems to come with the territory -the West End has always been notorious for bed bugs!

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I am on the 16th floor and have these. I know 3 other friends in the building and they also have these bugs on the 7th floor, 12th floor and 22nd floor. Does anybody know the full procedure for getting rid of these? Exactly how much furniture etc. do you have to move to spray? Now I have to put out another $400 for another matress when the one I have is practically brand new. The building should deduct it off my rent.

Its got nothing to do with the exchange students. They are the ones who complained about the problems the most.

Besides the bed bugs, there are many sloppy tenants and smoking pot and partying all nite. I had put up with endless nites along with the bed bugs.

There was always garbage and spilled pop in the elevator. Most of the time it was never cleaned up right away.

I am not surprised this building has bed bugs. Have you seen the occupants?
I am not trying to come across as racist here--it's just a fact that 80% of the building are exchange students who travel frequently and are not overly concerned about cleanliness as they are just here for a good time.
If you want to clean up the problem in the building, start with proper selection of tenants.

A good way to gage a building is to have a walk behind it or by the dumpsters; if you see a pile of mattre

sses or junk, chances are it's a bed bug haven.

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From The Desk Of The Manager :

We have bed bugs , this is true .

It use to be cock roaches in the 1980 and 1990

Here in the down town area and spread east and north.

This is a animal that we are treating for and we are doing everything in our power to get rid of them .

The treatment is working 100+ and we have a wonderful pest control man that comes to the building at anytime to stop the spreading of these things.

If anyone who reads this , they should tell your manager ,

caretaker , right away , so action can take place. Because you will spread them within the building and carry them every place you go.

Good luck in all your treatments , for this is the only way to say goodbye to them,

Robson Place Manager

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Suite on 17th floor found a very small amount of bugs. Contacted landlord and got sprayed right away. Gonna get 2 more spraying sessions.

12th floor of 777 Cardero. Have lived in this appt. approx 3 years. First bites appeared June 2009.

Landlord responded immediately by calling in professional pest controller. Have been sprayed 3X.

Just discovered another live bedbug on the wall in plain sight - 2 days after final spraying. On a wall next to a window. Is it possible for them to migrate from the suite next door?????????

Landlord is planning to spread dichotomous earth in all the apartments between the 12th & 15th story. T

here is another reported infection on the 15th story. Landlord has inspected the adjacent suites for bugs & found nothing.

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Apt 1507. Found bed bugs after neighbor warned of his situation. Also found on edges of mattress. Had to throw away much furniture. Manager very serious about dealing with treatment.

There have been a few reports here, however the building manager is on top of it & it seems to be in control. The building managemnet is playing a preventative role here.

Suite 804- Discovered Bed Bugs, Landlord is goign to treat in 10 DAYS!!!! Moving out as soon as treatment is compleated.

Apt 904. Found bed bugs on the mattress after 3 days of moving in! Had few bites on skin. Notified manager ASAP, and she dealt with it by setting up a bedbug treatment.

Apt 1506. Found bed bugs on edges of mattress after two weeks of moving in! Had many bites/welts on skin. Notified manager ASAP, and she dealt with it by setting up a bedbug treatment.

15th floor of building has them. I am certain other floors currently have or have had them as I saw a mattress in a locked garbage enclosure with the telltale vinyl and "bed bugs" label several months ago & have heard another tenant talking to the landlord about them. The tenant wasn't one of my neighbours. I started getting bites weeks prior to seeing bugs.

Have been suspicious of the building but never saw it on the registry and don't know why.

Our suite used to be hardwood and pr

ior to taking posession carpet was laid which wasn't my preference as it makes it harder to get rid of the bugs. (and the carpet chosen makes it virtually impossible to see them) I suspect that only a few suites or possily a floor at a time are being sprayed, and that the bugs just migrate up, over or down.

This is our first spraying so I am hopeful it will work but the building should still be listed because I am here, and so are the bugs.

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