1454 Pendrell St
Vancouver, BC V6G

Found 4 reports:

I have been here for over 20 years and have never heard of any bedbugs.

This story of bedbugs in this building is either pure fabrication or the person has the wrong floor. I have lived on the 9th floor for 6 years and know all my neighbours well. There have been no bedbugs here at all.

I've been living at 1454 Pendrell Street on the 6th floor since May 2009 and no issues with bed bugs.

In September of 2009, there was an incident where long term tenants on the 9th floor brought in furniture they found in the alley that was infested with bedbugs.

People need to be made aware that bedbugs are a huge problem in Vancouver and NOT to bring in used items......especially from the alley!

The incident was downplayed by management, I've since moved and don't know if there have been any more units affected.

No nearby bug reports