1357 Barclay St
Vancouver, BC V6E

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Please search for me andy nagy a tanant by the name of andy nagy lived in this place.inn 1978 where did he go?

Hi. Would like to know in this special bulding :about a tenant by the name of andy nagy that was living on the first floor what happend to hime?and if if there is any place i could find him. He hade a freind by the name of frank was a hairdresser by the University of vancouver. And i'm his x wife and we have got a common son. Where could i search him? Gila ISRAEL.

I have lived here for one year, and I know of two cases for sure in this building on my floor.
Having said this though, I do not have them, I check regularly and keep a very clean room. The property management has sent in a company to do a canine inspection twice to my knowledge, and they have also checked my room as a precaution. Living downtown Vancouver, it seems like bed bugs will happen in every building regardless of it's age or management... but I can say for sure that under Atira, the i

ssue is certainly monitored and seemingly controlled.

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The management company has been changed since then. No more issues of the kind mentioned in the message. The new company is doing well and you are only welcome back to enjoy the better management from Atira. The contact name is Daniela Lynch and her email is: <[email protected]>
The owner

2012 report.

This building is infested with bed bugs. I am moving out ASAP. The property manager Wing, does not do anything about the problem. People are constantly moving in and then moving right back out.

I can't say the cause... But I think the level of cleanliness on behalf of most of the tenants may be the cause... They don't seem to screen the tenants well as there is alot of drugs and music. There are shared washrooms too so possibly the bed bugs were spread from there?


would not advise moving into this building.

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