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Felt something crawl across my shoulder in bed. Put hand over and unfortunately when checking what it was in the bathroom it was a bedbug. It is 4am and I'm not happy at all. I am in an apartment building. Have heard of bedbugs in the building in the past. I will report to management in the morning and arrange for extermination. 😭

2012-Nov-02, 10th Floor. Am threatened with protective spraying next week, altho description is more like a complete spraying with evacuation for at least 6 hours. I will not cooperate without compensation. I DO NOT HAVE BEDBUGS, but my neighbour does. Ironic, in that I reported bugs in March 2010, fearing exactly the same spraying. I now find that Hollyburn did nothing and bugs disappeared after my own spraying. I even recommended Hollyburn to BCHC thinking Hollyburn had a solution not requ

iring suite entry nor washing of all linens.

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I was about to go to bed when I noticed something dark on my bed sheet and it was a bedbug. The next day I did a search of my bed and found five adult bedbugs and a juvenile one. I found out that the suite above mine had bedbugs and was sprayed once. They did not want to spray the suite above below and side to side which is the proper way and they have to spray more than once. This is the second time in 6 years that bedbugs have been found in my place that have come from another suite. August 8,

2012 bugs found sprayed on August 13,2012. I asked when 2nd spray was going to be done manager said no plans for 2nd spray I was furious.

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After living here for just over a year in December 2007 I started noticing several bites all over my body.I went to a doctor to get the bites checked and he said it looked like bed bugs. We checked the mattress and found the bed was invested. I feel bad now because we moved out and never told the manager. From the looks of it he wouldn't have done much anyway. BEWARE to anyone that moves into this apartment. Just a suggestion so you don't have to replace your mattresses - BUY MATTRESS COVERS.

Early 2008 I for sure had bedbugs in my suite on the 2nd floor !
Similar to other report here I read, Orkin was "shooed" out of my suite without a thorough inspection.

Today - Oct'09 I am still dealing with this disgusting epidemic !!!

bites all over me continued well past mosquito season .....
I had some friends that had dealt with bed bugs and they told me where to look and what to look for ... I ended up finding a dead one that I saved between some scotch tape and called the building manager. He was good about getting Orkin in but didn't seem to want to let the Orkin guy do too thorough of a look around my place. The Orkin guy ended up just telling me some tips and more or less got pushed out my door by the manager.... st

ating I did not have bed bugs !!!

I now have found 4 different live ones when changing my sheets and have a body COVERED in bites!!!!!

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i went over a friends house and slept on her couch i woke up the next morning all eating up o and by the way they never got rid of them cuz there nasty ass people the address is 2524 san marcos las vegas nv 89115

Some of the tenants should think of putting their beds in the Middle of room and place the feet of their bed into pans of water like a moat. Keep bedding from touching the floor. This may help some of the people get at least a good night sleep. This is what my Great grandmother did when bed bugs were bad in her day. I hope this helps someone.

I first noticed three red bites on my arm around Christmas of 2006. I was sleeping over at a friend's place, and they had a couple of pets, so I thought they might be flea bites. I would occasionally notice bites, but nothing major until about March 2007, when I would wake up with bites on my legs and hands. I googled insect bites, and found a site about bed bugs, so started inspecting my bed and bedroom. I finally found a dead bug in my closet, then found a live one on my bed, but this was m

onths after I had started being bitten. The manager of the building was great, and called in the pest control, who advised me that it was only my suite that was affected, and no need to tell my neighbours, and that I could keep it under control with regular vacuuming. This was May 2007. By this time, I wasn't sleeping at all, and I'd wake up at all hours thinking the bugs were crawling all over me. After the suite was sprayed, I wasn't bitten again, but finally moved out. I got rid of my bed, and had a new one delivered to the new apartment, but did keep my couch. I'm now worried that that was a foolish thing to do. In hindsight, I was so ashamed, I didn't tell anyone, but the closest of friends; I now wish that I'd told all of my neighbours, as I have read that the entire building should be sprayed, or, barring that, at least the suites next to and above and below mine.

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Bites in the night, on my couch and by my computer. Finally found a dead one by the couch.

It's getting sprayed, but I saw some thrown out mattresses the other day, so I don't think I'm the only one in the building.

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