1306 Haro St
Vancouver, BC V6E

Found 32 reports:

All neighborhood around this building (1306 Haro Street, "Lincoln Arms") is disturbed by noise coming from inside units or balconies
every single Friday and Saturday all night along until 5 am.
Manager is contacted in a few occasions but no one did anything about that so group of tenants from the street decided to report this building noise to the City of Vancouver and next time it happens Police will be called.
All neighborhood can't sleep because of noise from this building all night alon

g until morning hours.
Terrible management!

I totally agree with last statement about this building but I was wondering if you were aware about your rights why didn't you file complaint to Residential Tenancy Office?

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This is not a bedbug report (I am aware) but it is my way to get information out to you. The building management did not return my damage deposit even though the suite inspection report at the time of my moving out indicated that there was no damage whatsoever. After prolonged emails, phone calls, and letters that were ignored, I sent them a threatening registered letter. They then returned my deposit. However, BC law requires landlords to return double the deposit if it is not returned within t

he legal time limit. I received the deposit back long after the legal time limit, and it was NOT double as prescribed by law. The building owners know full well that by law they must return double the deposit. They hoped I might not know this.
Indeed, I gave up the fight after receiving half of what I was owed. I was tired of dealing with the situation. Let me just tell you know: the owners are crooks.

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Bed bugs on the tenth floor August to October 2014

I had no bedbugs, but I had ants in the building.
(This, by the way, was far less disturbing than the lowlife tenants on the 10th floor bragging about the handguns they owned from their balcony.)

This building, Lincoln Arms, didn't get back my deposit and I sent emails to Lincoln Arms and Elaine, the manager thereof, as follows;

I am H******* S** who lived in #601 of the Lincoln Arms building until the 25th of May 2012.
I wonder if you have sent a check for my deposit.
If not, please let me know when you will send the check to the adress that I gave you.
I have a copy of the inspect

ion sheet filled out by Elaine, in which she noted that there were zero deductions, and that I have returned the laundry card and gym key, allowing me to get the depostis back for these items as well.
I would appreciate if you would either send me the check or a reply soon.
H******* S**


However, I have recieve neither the reply or check from the same.

Around when I was leaving there, Elaine told me she would appreciate that I kept the unit very clean.

I believed her but was betrayed.

Don't be seduced by her sugar-coated words and smile.

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Hm, like the previous poster said, lots of non-bedbug reports here. I myself found them quite valuable though... Thanks for the info, everyone.

Wow, there sure is a lot of people on here who post that don't understand the concept of a BED BUG REGISTRY. It is to report bed bugs and bed bugs ONLY. Almost everyone who posted below is obviously too f*ck*ng stupid to understand something that would be common sense to most people who can actually read. Complain about bed bugs all you want but complaining about non-bed bug incidents means you all don't know how to follow simple instructions... just saying.

This building is VERY badly managed. Although I had no bugs, other people did. I moved away because people always shouting... often neighbors screamed and were fighting. Often I could not sleep at night.
Also young people throw keys from balconies and spit.

Although the building looked so respectable from the outside, the inside story is different. I got out quickly. There were bedbugs, and a lot of thugs/wannabe gang members in the building. Constant yelling from balconies. In the fall of 2011, shortly before I moved out, a woman screamed from the balcony "He tried to kill me" - over and over. Police came and searched with flashlights. Another day I heard kids on an upper floor brag about the guns they owned. All this was unexpected -- the b

uilding looked good, but it is very badly managed.

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Worst building I ever lived in. Not only bedbugs, but the noisiest building I have ever lived in. I moved out quickly. What a waste of time!!!

Bedbugs, noisy obnoxious tennants. Beware.

I have lived at this building over 1 year. Since this January, the company has had dogs come in twice to locate the problem. I reported to manager that i received a bite. That next morning my suite was being treated. It turns out I did not have bed bugs(thank god),but it shows that they are doing their best! Its a nice building with great management so its unfortunate that someone posted bad comments when its not true! I do not know of any of my neighbours that have had a problem with bedbugs in

quite awhile.

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I have lived at this building over 1 year. Since this January, the company has had dogs come in twice to locate the problem. I reported to manager that i received a bite. That next morning my suite was being treated. It turns out I did not have bed bugs(thank god),but it shows that they are doing their best! Its a nice building with great management so its unfortunate that someone posted bad comments when its not true! I do not know of any of my neighbours that have had a problem with bedbugs in

quite awhile.

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I just found this map on this site - To see the severity of the situation in the entire westend (not just the building) http://bedbugregistry.com/local/vancouver/49.2833830129/-123.132171098/

I had found 2 bugs in my apartment so I informed the building manager right away (as I had heard this building has had problems in the past). The building manager had the pest control people come within 2 days. My neighbours apartment has also been since treated. The carpets in the hallways were all steam cleaned and the laundry room is being treated weekly.

I do believe management is doing their best to control this situation - if you look on this registry it seems there are quite a f

ew buildings on Haro ST having similar issues. Also, the entire downtown core has been red-zoned for bed bugs since the Olympics.

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We barely stayed at this building for 1 week. After sleepeing 1 night at our aprtment on 8th floor we woke up with bites. Check some corners and craks found a lot of bedbugs in the apartment. Called building manager but it was his off day he did not consider as an emergency. All day and all night we fight with them where they are all around the apartment(curtains, walls, corners and ceiling). We had to stand all night becuse of they were everywhere. Next morning I had to go managers door to show

him what happened in the apt. He did not came to our apartment gave me some numbers for pest control. I had to call and brought them by noon. After sleepless night we stayed outside the building all day. Pest control guy told us 14 days after they will come and check. Over 8 hours waited time we went to apartment as they told us. Same day we saw one of our neighbor on the same floor were throwing their sofas and some other stuff.All night we could not sleep again even they sprayed everywhere. Bites were on side we were exhausted and depressed.
After couple of sleepless days we told them to make another pest control. He told us they were busy and they could not come so I called the pest control guy and he told me manger never called him for our request.
Any way we are out of this building and try to build our life again. We throw our TV,Vacumm cleaner,mattress and box spring,lagguages and all our things which we thing they are contaminated.
Today we learned that they agree to new tenants for this apartment and we don't thing this apartment is begbugfree. They will make someoneelse suffer again.
At the beginning we asked them and they told us they are completely bedbugfree building.
Is there any place we can complaint?

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Today Apts 502, 503, 604 were checked and NO traces of infistations were found!

RE: Submitted by "anonymous" on 09/30/2010

I am actual the resident of 602 and I did not write this previous post. I found out about this through my landlord, which I would have contacted first before making a public statment about my alleged beg bug situation!

Please change the address if you accidentally typed in the wrong one. Otherwise, I'll file a request with the website admin to have the post removed.

I am living in suite 602 for the last two months and have recently been noticing many bites resembling mosquito bites..after researching i believe they are bed-bugs. i was told upon moving in that in the past the building had problems but was reassured it was taken care of. Now i'm not sure if i have to pay for the people to come in and look at my apartment of if the building provides that.

Bed bugs are currently in 502, 503, 604 and Im sure many more.
A good pest company needs to be hired to take care of this ASAP

It became a nightmare!!!
We just moved in on July 1st and we didn't know about this problem. One week later we started to notice that we had bed bug bites. One of us, was completly covered in bites. It really became a nightmare because nobody could sleep with this bugs. We already had our apartment fumigated, but they are still alive. WE ARE MOVING OUT and please, if you can avoid living there!

I am living here for the past year. Never had a problem with bedbugs. Bed bugs are brought in by travelers and guests. So watch where you go and whom you invite.

Just to clarify from my earlier post.. I was in apartment #302. When i moved in nobody told me anything about previous bed bug issues. I moved in in October 2009, and I was out by January 2010 because I couldn't sleep or live there anymore. So #302 has been affected recently by the bedbugs, though I think it was a big problem in a suite near me because I saw no signs of them until December really.. when we all got notices in our mailboxes stating that there was a problem.

Sounds like a F*@$ed up building!
Honestly, if you are planning on moving out, do not pay your rent. It will go to arbitration and you will have to pay it; however, the inconvenience it will cause management is enough to get back at them

Dec.15th/09 After living in my apartment for 1 yr I got bitten by bedbugs! My bed+matress were purchased brand new. The place was inspected in the fall after bugs were seen on other floors. I was told my apt.#601 was free and clear.
Then I got bitten in Dec.
Pest control came in and did 1st treatment mid Dec. so I went back in Jan.2/2010. There were still live bugs all over my bed!
I told the landlord i am moving out because I have been bitten and can't live like this.
Proper procedures h

ave not been followed in this building. The apartment next to me was not treated and neither were the floors above and below me which are suppose to be done.
I was not told prior to moving in that there were any problems in the past, which there were.
Now they are trying to get me to move out as soon as possible even tho I paid full rent until end of January! They already have new tenants waiting to move in.
THis is not right!! I lose all my furniture, rent money, and a place to live.
The owner called me and said there is nothing he can do for me and didn't care to compensate me in any way!! NOT IMPRESSED!!

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Could people please list the suite they are in, as the building management seems to miss the point of how to spray for bedbugs. The company that does the spraying seems highly unprofessional (it seems like just two freelance people who went out and bought some chemicals, no uniforms at all). As well, no one is making the effort to notify adjacent suites when an apartment is being sprayed. Unless all adjoining suites are sprayed at the same time, regardless of whether those tenants have seen bugs

, there is going to be an endless cycle of the bugs moving from suite to suite.
If the management won't take the initiative, perhaps the tenants should begin to do so. If you see bedbugs, let us know and what suite you're in. Eventually the management will get sick of wasting their money, and hopefully get a more professional company who will tell them that more than one suite needs to be sprayed at a time. Hopefully then we can try and get rid of them for good...if that's possible.

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Have only lived in this apartment for 3 months. In the past month, have found bugs during the day (a bad sign!) crawling across the floors. Put bed bug detectors under my bed and only a few bugs have found their way there over the past month but still its concerning. My guess is that one of my neighbors has a high infestation. I'm now going to have to get rid of much of my furniture and move out. Its a pain and I wish I knew about this site before moving in - I'll check EVERYWHERE I move to

on the site from now on!! brutal!! Even if you do everything you can to get rid of them (exterminate, clean, etc).. if every single suite in the building isnt as proactive as you, you'll never get rid of them!)

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On Dec.12th I found one bedbug crawling on me in the living room. In the bedroom there was another one on the bed. The next day I woke up with rashes on my arm from where I was bitten. The next day there was another one walking across the bathroom floor.
Suite #601

There was bed bugs in this buildind over a year ago, where treated but never got rid of all, they where on the 10th floor,9th,5th 7th, 6th, suites' 1007 905 501 705 601

Sorry, apartment 502 should be 501. My apologies for the discrepancy.

Talked to the landlord here today, August 26, 2009, suites 201, 301, 302 and 502 are affected. Spraying was done to these suites yesterday but will need to be done again.

August 17/09 1306 Haro St. Apt. 301 is the problem

At 3.00 in the afternoon I noticted that the Tenant above me Apt 301 was dumping something out of a plastic bin and shaking a mop laughing as he was doing it. Immediatetly the dust and hundreds of dead bed bug shells cane flying into my windows. i had just for the past week been cleaning and washing and am now living out of plastic bags and containers. I informed the Manager who informed the Owner. My bed bug problem started last monday Augus

t 10 I have cleaned and tried to maintain the problem but it is impossible when you have a tenant that deliberately shakes his bed bugs out the window laughing.

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