1301 Davie St
Vancouver, BC V6E

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I live at 1301 Davie and have been there for 6 years The landlady has had to deal with bedbugs mostly due to some tennants hording junk and bringing crap of the street. She has called in a proper extermiantor several times and has made great progress. I think the people complaining are just being petty, she gives a lot of people a chance and most times gets fucked over. As for the people who have been evicted, it is because they are cronicly late with rent or are horders who have so much garbage

in there rooms its disgusting.Before you blame her for bedbugs take a look at yourself, most likely it is the couch that you picked up down the street that keeps bringing them back.

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Oh yes. Why are you "anonymous" if you are standing up for this house. You should be ashamed of yourself. Your time will come when you are evicted, then you will admit to the bedbugs. John was evicted from 1315 Davie because he reported bedbugs, now Andy has been evicted because bedbugs were found in his room. "Coyote" Mike was evicted from 1301 Davie Street because he had bedbugs. I was told by Alvena, the homeowner, that if I make one more report of bedbugs that I will be evicted from the hous

e. You are a coward and work for the landlord. What about the people? Knock on the door and ask any tenant of these houses about bedbugs. If you are hiding bedbugs, then you are spreading them. Don't you even care? The truth shall set you free.

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This guy was evicted from the location... had a fight with and hates owner of house. there are no bugs and whos ever seen a cockroach in vancouver?! This is a personal vendetta.

I've lived at the noted address and had them in my room and they infested every room in the house. Twelve suite in total. Also, rats and cockroaches.

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