1005 Jervis St
Vancouver, BC V6E

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I lived there for few months and I was happy when I've moved out.
There is bed bug infestation, broken pipes every day and a very bad management over all...
I can tell stories to my kids back in Japan about this horrible place...

This building is managed by the same company that manages Paul Manor at 1501 Haro Street and Paul Manor at 1755 Haro Street. All buildings had bedbugs reported. Careful!

It's been a couple of years now but had bed bugs on the 14th floor in spring of 2007. They sprayed my bachelor suite six times and made me move into a temporary suite on the ground floor for three weeks. I'm pretty sure that mgmt didn't inform tenants next to me of possible contamination of their suites and it's possible they spread throughout. I moved out in fall 2007 and didn't have any more bed bug problems since.

Bed bugs were found in a ground floor unit and after spraying they came back. Now all the adjacent units are being sprayed. I\'m just not sure this will get rid of them for good. This happened in Jan 2009.

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