239 E Georgia St
Vancouver, BC V6A

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I've lived in this bldg 10+ yrs and I probably had bedbugs 3 times, I believe the buggers must have hitched a ride on me from somewhere, the mgmt is very good on getting sprayers in and every time the bugs were eradicated. I'm very happy living here.

I've lived in this building since it opened. I've had bedbugs 4 times since then. The company they bring in to spray for pests are very good. Everybody in the dtes of vancouver gets bugs eventually. This isn't a bad building although there are some bad apples, as anywhere.

I have an outreach client who is constantly plagued by bedbugs in this building. She is a lovely East Indian pensioner and she deserves better. She often has to seek respite in our shelter. Unacceptable!!! I will reporting this again to B.C. Housing.

I'm not sure why this downtown eastside co-op wasn't on the list because the problem has been know here for a few years now. I myself don't have bedbugs in my suite and live on a "clean" floor. There are people in our building with persistent bed bug problems. My biggest concern is that they are allowing people to move into these infested suites without disclosing the problem under the guise of tenant privacy. They're just hiding the problem and continually spreading it by allowing people with i

nfested suites to swap apartments in the building. This is perpetuating the problem. There are people I know who moved into the building and have had their lives turned upsidedown by these bugs. Trashed beds, couches and furniture. The management is apathetic and unwilling to help or clean suites. Co-op Insurance won't cover the damages.

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