520 W 7th Ave
Vancouver, BC V5Z

Found 6 reports:

Two suites on two floors have reported bed bugs and landlord hasn't responded to requests to fumigate. Will update if anything changes.

Landlord allowed me to move into a unit that has bed bugs after telling me there are no bed bugs in the building. Found live bed bug June 5th 2015.

March 1 2015

The bed Bug problem persists. I don't believe that a dog checked the whole place. I privately hired a dog company for my apartment only. My apartment was fine, however as of yesterday tenants are still having problems.

one suite has had bed bugs because the tenant in question had homeless people staying in his suite. Landlord had a company and brought in a trained dog to find the critters...out of 30 suites 2 suites have had them and was properly treated by the landlord. All is well, building is completely bed bug free..

Dec 19, 2014 Management is attempting spot removal- fumigating only infrsted suites and refusing to simply investigate all suites. So, they may migrate to other suites. If we suspect bed bugs and there are none, they claim we have to pay for the inspection. How successful this treatment has been, I do not know. Only time will tell.

at least 3 suites have bed bugs. building manager has not been on top of dealing with them

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