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Vancouver, BC V5T

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once again we have bedbugs for the second time in 1 year. Just got sprayed 4 days ago and we are still getting bites and finding live bugs. If i could afford to live somewhere else i would but instead we are held hostage by bed bugs as we can no longer take our furniture and belongings with us if we do find an affordable place.

If you check your mattress and bedding every day, you'll know when the bed bugs show up. My son lived there from Feb. 2014 to Sept. 30 this year. Because he wasn't well he didn't notice the nests sprouting in his boxspring.(the mattress cover had holes from the metal track) I only noticed when he went to hospital. After two sprayings many were killed. They hid all over the apt. and because I looked, I saw them. I got two traps at Canada Tire for $23.00 And they trapped about 12 the first night,

under the bed. The mice ran free, climbed up the back of the fridge and were in the stove and toaster. I cleaned up and got two harm-free traps 2nd floor, Canada Tire for $10.00. The apt was mouse and bug free by Sept; but I had to be vigilant.I feel the humanity of the present manager is a plus; the beautiful painting in the entrance and the kindness of the collective tenants are upliftings. The amazing wooded pathways on the east side cheered me as I walked from the bike trail.Yes it is hard to live in an ageing building 45 years old...but it has heart.

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I would like to make people aware that the owner - Giovanni Zen - of this building also goes by the name Griovanni Zen. He also hides behind the name Boundary Management! BE AWARE if you hear those names( as well as His son Moreno Zen)!
You do not want to move into this building, or any they own. THEY are SLUMLORDS, and don't care about anybody.....ONLY POCKETING YOUR MONEY! If you move in, you get free bedbugs, and more. My advice to anyone - STAY AWAY!

giovanni zen moreno zen hide behind numbered accounts and are connected to zen and grovanni zen web sites they are slumlords 801 and 807 are same building .look up don baker fights landlords .soon i will post pics of roof danger cave in pipes leak every where bed bug s are rampant stay away ,boundary management inc. run from anything they are trouble!!!!!

We have bed bugs. spent a fortune on bed bug covers have had place sprayed and ripped apart for weeks and still getting bites and finding bugs!!!

807 East 6th Avenue and 801 East 6th Avenue are one foot print! One building with two Adresses. Disaster area, Stay Clear. Owned by - Giovanni and Moreno Zen. They hide behind a numbered Account, and plausible deniability, they hire Lackies to do their dirty work. Recently they had hired an
Angel, but they broke her. God and Karma are coming for you.
New resident manager April 1st 2015, liar manipulator. Giovanni and Moreno hide behind a numbered Account, and
They go through Boundry Managemen

t. If you hear those names RUN. On your way in you'll see smiles and laughter, don't be fooled by these Representatives. See 801 East 6th Avenue's Report!


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Moved into 807 in East 6th in May 2012, We lived in one apartment then in June moved to a larger one across the hall. When we moved in the landlord had the pest control come in beforehand just to make sure there was nothing to worry about. After about a month my roommate started to experience bites, we called the landlord, she was very prompt and sent the pest control in the next day. They found bed bug residue on a mattress but other than the nothing happened. We later realized that the bites h

e had were not bed bug bites at all but an allergic reaction and we think that the residue had come from the previous mattress's owner. (We of course threw out the mattress immediately). We have mice occasional but my cat seems to scare them away, the building is low income but you know that going into it. As long as you live on the top floor there is no problems with leaks or cockroaches or bed bugs. The hot and cold water is reliable in my apartment, however there is the occasional mould on the bathroom ceiling. But like I said you know what you are getting into, it's an old building which houses a lot of people that would otherwise not have a home. And I personally think the landlord does a great job even if the management above her doesn't.

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This place is terrible. I try and tell myself otherwise, just to get through with living here, but even the other person I live with is terribly upset by this apartment. The area is nice during the day around the park, there are actual families that come. People who come from blocks away to play with their dogs, get out for a jog, and even walk across or to hang out at from and to VCC. But the apartment itself is terrible.

The first month having moved in was fine. Everything looked like a us

e able, boring apartment. Hot water worked fine. Shower worked fine. Kitchen was fine, sink, stove, and refrigerator. It felt warm, which I found great for the upcoming winters. The carpets looked a bit dusty, but I'd figured that was from the repainting and what not. Then the balcony, which looked in good shape, felt solid, and the railing seemed just fine. It seemed decent, for our income, and really just the essential requirements for a decent living. Though it seems I was wrong.

The apartments allows pets, and that's mostly why we moved here. Our other reason being, it was either we find more space- or we stay in a one bedroom off of a friend of ours house. Literally, just living in a bedroom. It's really hard to find a place in Vancouver to move into if you have a pet, and I find that a bit ridiculous. It leaves you to only buy a house, and not everyone could afford that. Right away, my partner said there was an issue with mice. The kitchen was infested with them. Not even a week living there, and you could really smell the urine emanating from the walls. It's disgusting. There were droppings everywhere, and it wasn't even that we weren't tidy. All we had were boxes so far, and yet there were mice everywhere. It was found on kitchen counters, our setup dining table. Even the radiators. Behind our TV. In our closet. It's completely unsanitary. I also remember quite vividly how when viewing the apartment, there was a much more pleasant odor of air fresheners, like Glade or Air Wick. I'm really assuming this was the reason why.

A second issue is the plumbing system. This really gets to me every day, every time. Taking a shower, running the water, or taking a bath (which is beyond my recommendation, the bath tubs aren't at all trustworthy in my opinion)- the water turns from a warm temperature, to a freezing cold temperature, to a scolding 3rd degree burn temperature. To top it off, I'm not quite sure I even trust the water here. I've had questions and discussed it with my friend about having test the water out, and to see if it's really any clean or not. The change in temperature isn't at all good for you skin, and needs to be steady. If not, at least turn the temperatures down closer to a warmer heat.

As the heat got hotter, summer's coming around. The place is still the same, mice problems, odor problems, feces problems, plumbing problems- then there's the parasites. Now I haven't had a bed bug encounter yet, and I'm quite certain we don't have that- but as soon as the heat came in.. Not even in one day, I had a surprisingly quick amount of 33 flea bites in less then a days time. There is absolutely no way my pet would have had enough fleas to cause that many within under a day, or even 5 hours to be exact. I did a bit more reading on fleas, and turns out areas untreated will have blood thirsty adult fleas. I am guessing that the previous owner, owning a pet who had fleas, left this place untreated. It left my dog with a very bad flea infestation, and for us, health/skin problems.

My partner has also even complained about this place, and has really thought about moving. In time, like the rest of the tenants coming and going, we will. Life is hard on us for now and sooner or later, will get out of this rut. Literally. I highly do not recommend this place. All we have been told is how terrible this place is, and some of these we have and are already experiencing. Bed bugs and mice are the major complaints about here that we've been getting.

This place is terrible, and coming home late is always a scare. Coming "home" is always a terrifying thought.

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807 east 6th ave,
if you want a safe clean affordable place for you your family and your hard earned monies

This place becomes a joke everyday
the people who wrote before me are 100 percent correct

This so called cartaker , and her husband spend everyday out in the garden area , none of the so called follow ups are never followed it , ones just gives up .

This carteaking staff , are not willing to even talk with you , they donot understand much about customer service , It in their

mind that this is a prison sight and some how they are the wardens ,

They have for thier use one of the nicest suites in this building , they place all kinds of signage up to do this or that , so called rules

yet theyfor some reason feel that rules are not for them as they are entitled ?

they act arrogant , mean , pushy , always yelling and screamimg , This is a very unpleasant place to live and if I where not a senior on a fixed income I would hi tail it out of there
I suggest to you that no matter what bs they tell you here in order to get you to move in will be just a bunch of bunk
it like the saying goes if you pay peanuts you get monkeys .

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There is a surefire way to get rid of roaches - besides keeping your place clean of any food or water for them - and that is to buy Miracle Chalk that can be found at grocery on southeast corner of Fraser and E. Broadway. Its a small box that they sell at the counter for a few bucks. Mark a line of chalk across your doorways, behind pictures, around the kitchen and anywhere roaches visit , and they will be gone in days - for good! If you can borrow a friend's cat for a few days, she will get ri

d of the mice. Bedbugs are worse the further west you go in the building. Diatomaceus earth will also kill roaches and other bugs effectively and non toxic to you and pets. Don't bring any furniture or clothing that you are not sure about its bedbug history.

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Living here since July 2010 - and as of this week, already given my notice to get out. Started with the mice (we live near the side the dumpsters are outside of), we dealt with that, plugged up the holes, killed a bunch. Next was the cockroaches, which began in the fall, and steadily got worse until the 'pest control' guys came and put some bait to poison them. This has slowly reduced the amount, paired with vigilant cleaning of all surfaces using lots of bleach.

Strike 3, was the bed bugs

. A friend who has lived in Vancouver longer than us came over, instantly recognized the roach problem as an incurable infestation, a losing battle. He took a quick look in the bedrooms, and was able to find bed bugs. This scared the shit out of me. We are clean people, and have never had problems anywhere in the past. This place is rotting from the core, coupled with numerous disgustingly dirty tenants. There are most definitely crack heads, and junkies of all sorts. We even had a guy who was sleeping in the stairwells for a few months until we said something.

Don't bother with this area until they demolish the buildings and put up clean ones. The sad thing is, this being Vancouver, they will probably be replaced by unfordable condos.

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Here is the living truth about this place
the current land adgent has cause for eviction for non payment of rent , Yet He got the rent in cash ans was witnessed by his Caretaker only to have them both denie that they where ever together that time I say I gave them the money nor did the ever get such funds , truth is I have lived there long enough to know it was my fault in the sense to let me guard down and trust the caretaker would give me my receipt at the end of the day , She never did and

now I have to go to aburtration , if you have any other info on the adress 897 east 6th ave vancouver v5t1l9
as I would like to take them to the arbritrator court is set for November 02 2009
these people have taken my money and feel no remorse or compassion that I have lived there 8 years and had no rent problems ?
maybe there is a different motive here could it be that the rents are to low considering how quickly they could move if you could make a way to get rid of your long terms tenants someway
and make 640 buck to boot thats whats happening over here

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This building should be demolished. I've been here 4 yrs and I wouldn't recommend it to a stray dog. Everything said by others is true. If you look up in the phone book the company who we write rent cheques to, that supposedly manages this building, you'll find that it is just the nasty landladies number down the hall. And she doesn't give a flip about your troubles. I tried finding this "management firm" on the internet to no avail. The previous manager was let go because she actually had a con

science about people and tried to help. Complaining about bedbugs, roaches, mice, mold, constant water leaks, plumbing, insecure busted doors, hookers and homeless people sleeping in the filthy hallways and practically no outdoor maintenance, let alone inside, etc. etc., is futile and a joke. I pity people here who are older, on fixed incomes, or have children and are forced to live here. Talk about living THIRD WORLD in Vancouver. I'm only here because of my income, and I have pets and can't yet find another place that will accept them (I hear they no longer accept pets - what an oxymoron - only an animal would move in). These are just a few words I have to say, while I sit here freezing cause they turned the heat off till next winter, although my lease says hot water and heat included. OMG. LORD get me out of here.

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This apartment building is AWFUL!!! We have lived here 2 year in a 2 bedroom and pay $1300 a month for bedbugs, cock roaches, water that goes between freezing cold to scolding hot in an instant. In our suite, we have had a roof leak for almost 6 months that has quickly deteriorated, revealing mold under the stucco! Have written numerous letters and nothing has been done! The management does not seem to care. We would love to move but it is very hard to obtain housing in the city and I doubt mana

gement would give us a reference.

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This building is a nightmare.
Bedbugs everywhere. Management does not care. Not proactive at all. Police here all the time.
Tenants selling and using drugs at all hours of the night. Large white dog off leash on the west side all the time. Drug deals go on here at this entrance all the time.

this is the sister building to 801 E 6th with same owner and sam manager, I have been a resident for 4 years , My current situation , mould and leaking bathroom ceiling ask for repairs more than 5 times over 3 years . Under kitchen sink .mould the cold water is no longer functioning and the hot water is so hot it is dangerous ,I small child would scalded by such heat. missing drywall and constant water leak , This unti as painted by previous tenant ,when I rented I asked to have the unit returne

d to standard apt colours As I say it is more than 4 years no paint .

Lighting , requested main lights be repaired , using a bed lamp . This building has gone through 5 managers in 5 years , I have had a bug investation for 3-4 years , Plenty of bug sprayed used , yet they return in about 3 weeks , the carpets in this suit have mould , the age is about 20 years, Sewage smell is very strong as the outside drains back up wets under the carpet ,balcony leaks from the top making it usless ,
The manage allowed for 6months an dog owner who would let is dog piss of the deck and it ruined all my flower stuff about $800 worth ,

The manager found this no problem , I had the spca come to check on the dog , He came over did nothing , the city inspector came by did nothing

Tenants this place has had murders , guns drugs and police raids ever weekend .people who live here quickly become nasty living here,
The Vancouver Police inspector in this area said this is the worst building in his area ,That is backed up by the Vancouver Fire department who also claims this building has more call outs than any other building in his area .

Common areas the health ispector came it and demanded the first floor carpet be removed and treat like hazard material .

Many rude dog owners live in this building big dogs , suites with 3 or more dogs .The smell of the dogs have made the hallways smell putrid .
Not blaming the Dogs .
og shit can be found in all the hallways and as soon as you step out the building the front lawns are covered in dog shit even though the park is less than a half a block away .We used to have children play there.

Not now and if you dare bring it up with these dog people .You will recieve threats . swearing ,physical attacks ,not much point .I have a person who lets the dog shit in front of my deck , I asked nicely all I got was F###k Off , So in the warm weather all you can smell in my suite is dog shit , Ths is building has always has 20 suites open as the wise people bail out as fast as possible,

The walls and elevators stink so bad I use the stairs, If you went to the back of this building where there also was a common area. This is a sight , it is hard to outline here ,pure dump

The manager pretends to be very pleasant when you are a prospect . After you have moved in she becomes the a very nasty person .

She calls herself a bitch and she says she proud of it .So not much can be expected from her.education level I would say aprox. grd 7
People ask me why? I stay it has to do witj income levels my current income is (900) monthy

Here is a shocker I once managed this building , when it had two managers for each building a working crew of about 6 people .all of this has changed except the rent has gone up by $40

This is a bach apartment , first floor , aprox 500 square feet current rent is $640 plus hydro etc

It is in my lease that I am not able to speak about this management and if I caused them to loose and tenants or prospect according to the lease I could be evicted .so can only tell you my story and you can make up your own mind if this is the place for you and your family.
These suites rent for 800-900 for 1br and 1300 for 2bdrm ,these rents have changed from 4 yrs ago when the rate was 540 bach 720 bdrm and 840 2bdrm
You can see the service has been cut of to zero and the rents have increased and the place is truly a dump ,,Who put the slum in Landlord I think I know ,

It is intresting I did sign a lease although I am very good about my end of this agreement ,The managment seems to be oblivious to thier part of the agreement

Usually answering tenants concerns by either ignoring them , screaming at them ,laugh at you and tell you to take it to arbritation

Or thier very bestline is
THATS IS THE FIRST TIME WE HAVE EVER HEARD OF THIS PROBLEM Thanks for reading and best of luck finding a clean safe home with a Landlord and owner with some skills , passion , and functioning

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