611 E 7th Ave
Vancouver, BC V5T 1N9

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You may want to also see 621 E 7th Ave, which has a few reports, as the buildings are attached. There are always vacancies here, for a reason, and perhaps the high turnover increases the likelihood of bedbugs. I lived here for the year 2019, and during that time various neighbouring units to mine had confirmed bed bugs 3 times. Management will only tell you if it's a direct neighbour (you share a wall, ceiling or floor), and sometimes not even then. They did get a pest control company in to spra

y the suites that bugs were seen in, and to do a quick search in some of the adjoining units. Their communication and level of caring, however, leave something to be desired. Their opinion was that the infestations were all unrelated incidents due to each person presumably individually bringing in bugs.

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