2178 Triumph St
Vancouver, BC V5L

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Lived at 2178 triumph at 2 years -bed bugs and cockroaches were a constant problem 2017- 2019 ish. The mice weren’t bad because we had two cats. They may have sprayed while I was away because the cockroaches got less but always came back... and we were told to use diatenacious earth daily to keep the bed bugs away. We lived out of airtight Tupperware. And couldn’t put anything in our kitchen drawers because the roaches swarmed over everything.

Lived at 2178 triumph at 2 years -bed bugs and cockroaches were a constant problem 2017- 2019 ish. The mice weren’t bad because we had two cats.

*Be warned this building is still INFESTED*

I lived in this building for 8 years, and left this year (didn't bring any furniture with me). I was in 3 separate suites and battled with mice, bed bugs and cockroaches most of that time.

On one occasion a bed bug crawled under the gap of my front door! Some suites are still infested. They travel along the grungy old hall carpets. The fact the bugs come in through cracks and pipes and under the door renders you screwed.

The building is under

new management, they're turning over suites and doing renovations. Yet the whole building needs to be fumigated...

Friend of a Friend just moved in and told me they lied about the pest problem when she asked about it, not surprised.

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Do. Not. Enter.

Ask anyone still living there and thry they will tell you to run.

Do not fall for the loud mouthed gossipy "nice guy" routine of the property manager eager to "do ya a favour"

He treats everyone, EVERYONE, in the building with the same patronizing, entitled, harassing manner the second he perceives disrespect, ie; a dis agreement, refusal to cooperate with his demands and take his abuse.

He treats his staff worse and it is all a facade. The place is full of bedbu

gs, roaches,and violent creeps who threaten harm on other tenants and their "property" all captained by a spittle faced man child who does nothing to protect or serve tenants in need. Just ask the tenants who go without basic services simply because he judges them "not worthy" or refuses rent after an illigetimate evicto on due to owed bedbug costs.

Absolute nightmare.

Save your money, save your sanity, save your pet, save your fucking self.

Get. Out. Now.

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Moved in two months ago, already found bedbugs. Knocked on neighbours' doors to let them know, and they all acknowledged that they have them too, although nobody seemed to be in a hurry to get fumigated. The landlord is also a fucking nutcase who harasses tenants and will break the law at every opportunity. Treats his staff like shit, yells and hurls insults at tenants at the drop of the hat, and takes as much money as he can get out of you, even if it means lying. AVOID.

i lived in this building for 5 years back in 2000 to 2005 and bed bugs cock roaches and mice were also a huge problem back then as well. the owner, Goodie, owns half of downtown hotel (Balmoral ext.) and has never cared about fixing anything or ridding the building of these problems.....
Goodie has million of dollars yet puts all the funds in his sister's name to avoid having to be responsible for anything. this building should have been condemned back when i lived there and torn down.

Bedbugs, mould, no heat, roaches and mice. These problems will never be fixed no matter how much you complain to the superintendant. Stay away!!

I live in this building and the what was said above is an understatement. The superintendent is a complete idiot and harasses tennants on an almost constant basis. The place has THE MOST cockroaches of any apartment building i have lived in anywhere from here to halifax and we as well have NEVER had heat in our apartment. The situation with the buzzers is that the incompitent emplyoees of the sahota's didnt bother unhookiing the phone jacks when they "drywalled" and just cut the wires and stuffe

d them back into the walls. These "drywallers" also used red tuck tape (the really sticky red plastic stuff) as drywall tape...you can see it right through the paint. The recently built balconies are already sagging quite badly on some peoples balconies. I also had to install my own lock on my deck door because it wouldnt lock and he refused to fix it. The west stairwell frequently smells of piss also.

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Problems with this place include cockroaches, mice, chainsmoking neighbours, filthy hallways a management company that takes it sweet time to fix anything and now a lack of heat while we enter the cold fall.
when you inform the building care taker about the mice he gives you sticky paper to fix the problem. you have to ask repeatedly to get anything fixed if it gets fixed at all.
the buzzers also don't work in half of the apartments and they don't care to fix it anytime soon.
the hallways and

entry ways are disgusting. when i moved in 4 months ago i was told they would be fixed and they haven't.
its not uncommon to see neighbours angry at the building caretaker.
we haven't had heat for 2 weeks as we head into the fall even though it is included in the tenancy agreement. needless to say i will be moving out of this place as soon as possible.

something else about this neighbourhood, you can smell the chicken factory and the smell comes into the apartment when its hot outside.

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My boyfriend lived there for 6 months and the place was infested with cockroaches and bedbugs. STAY AWAY.

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