1850 Adanac St
Vancouver, BC V5L

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Not sure who "Kitty" is, nor why they felt the need to do this and post it so many times. There is no outbreak of bedbugs in multiple suites or even a single suite. If anybody wishes for verifiable information on the building we can willingly put you in touch with the Pest Control Company we deal with and they can vouch for responsible management and current conditions.

Bed bug outbreak in multiple suites.

Bed bug outbreak in multiple suites.

Bed bug outbreak in multiple suites.

Bed bug outbreak in multiple suites.

Bed bug outbreak in multiple suites.

Bed bug outbreak in multiple suites.

Bedbugs and cockroaches in this building. Thought it was strange when we moved in that there were so many spiders in the building. It was summer and we are on the ground floor, thought it was the reason. Soon found out why, lots of cockroaches. We started noticing this bites in threes on our legs, especially my boyfriend. He tends to sleep with half the covers on.

Complained to Cathy the desk person for Royal Providence, she made me feel like it was my fault that we had bugs, told me no other

tenant had them. Spoke to our neighbours and they said they had them also. Talked to Neil, he was really nice and said he would deal with it. That was 5 months ago, nothing has been done. Saw a guy from a pest control coming into the building, asked him if he could spray my place. He said he had to have an order from management to do it. Still waiting for results. we put our bed posts in containers of oil, seems to have stopped the bedbug bites.

There is this miserable looking old man always wandering around the building. He is not very friendly, but always there a 3-4 times a week. Found out he is the owner of the building, his name is Franco Aquilini. I have a friend in another Aquilini building on Franklin St. he complained about bugs and heating, they chose to end his tenancy. Also a guy I play guitar with lives in an Aquilini building on North Nanaimo and he said insect infestations are rampant at most of there buildings. He used to work for them.

Realize of I rock the boat to much on this we will get harassed or evicted, so decided we are moving in April.

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Moved in November 2010 when Joan was still manager. Did not have any pest problems until the new management company purchased the building and began renovations ("Reno-victions"). My unit was never renovated so I was not "reno-victed". The walls were never painted, the carpets were never cleaned, I just moved in as I loved the neighbourhood.

In August 2012, I saw a mouse run across my living room in front of me, then I also saw cockroaches. Mgmt did get an exterminator, but this was ineffecti

ve. They did not set up mouse traps, but did seal up some holes (from baseboard water heater, and beneath the sinks). The same night after treatment (they said only takes a couple of hours and can return same night into the unit), I found a bed bug in my couch, not in my bed oddly enough. "Cat" was 'surprised that bugs would show up the day after treatement'. DUH! They treated for cockroaches and not for bed bugs!!! CLUE!!!

My neighbours next to me moved out and I know it was because they had bed bugs in the beginning of September 2012. I did speak with them, and their belongings were on their balcony in bags (you could tell they were belongings and not garbage). They moved and their bed bugs migrated to my unit. I called management again, they informed me that they cannot spray again as the first time they sprayed for bed bugs there was barely any evidence, AND they already treated my unit twice. BUT ONLY ONCE FOR BED BUGS, WHAT AN IDIOT!!!

By Mid-September 2012, they finally hired Vancouver Bed Bug Control as one of their contractors. They were scheduled to do a BUILDING INSPECTION only on September 17, 2012. So, since August 21, 2012 I had bed bugs and was not staying in my apartment (thank God I had the support to stay elsewhere). Almost a month and still no treatment. On the September 17, 2012 inspection, it was confirmed I did have bed bugs (Stupid "Cat" allowed them to infest my unit and I wasn't even home for them to feed on!!!) SO FINALLY I GET A TREATMENT BOOKED WITH AN EXTERMINATOR WHO KNOWS HOW TO DEAL WITH BED BUGS, BUT NOT UNTIL SEPTEMBER 24, 2012.

I had tossed majority of my belongings as I feared they were infested and felt that I had too much stuff; had to downsize and the exterminators would not come with the amount of stuff I had. I had one treatment and was asking the management company when the second treatment was, never got an answer and I pushed just to find out who did the treatment from "Cat" at the management office. She didn't want to talk to me, she didn't want to provide me with any information at all. She told me to contact Vancouver Bed Bug Control as she was "too busy" and she always coincidentally had "Someone on the other line" whenever I called. If I wanted to talk to anyone further, she told me to contact Vancouver Eviction Services; this was when I asked what the eviction notice was for as I was not at the apartment for two weeks. Nice? Way to go ROYAL PROVIDENCE MANAGEMENT!!!

At any rate, I moved out as they put an eviction notice on my door for failure to pay rent. I did not want to pay rent for an apartment that I couldn't even sleep in since Mid - August. So I followed the 10 day eviction notice posted on my door October 2, 2012. I filed with the RTB on October 5, 2012 and was asking for reinstatement of my rent for 10 days in August and the full month of October.

Apparently I did not provide sufficient evidence that my unit was infested and my property unsalvageable. Therefore the RTB sided with management. I am now going to contact my local papers, I've contacted my MLA, the City of Vancouver Health Inspector didn't feel it necessary to even investigate my unit. I have a lawyer that I have been consulting. I cannot believe that I have to pay for October's rent when I obeyed an Eviction Notice!!! AND I have to pay for the filing fee? RTB wants me to pay ROYAL PROVIDENCE MANAGEMENT $500.00. FOR WHAT? ALLOWING MY BELONGINGS TO GET INFESTED? FOR AN APARTMENT I COULDN'T SLEEP IN FOR OVER 2 MONTHS? FOR NOT ACCOMMODATING ME NOR EVEN PROVIDING ME WITH ANY INFORMATION?

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I've been involved with tenants here for some time. Many suites infested with bed bugs. minimally treated suite, by suite, but with no effect because so many tenants are too worried about being 'renovicted' to report bed bug problems, so they just deal with it as best they can.
One tenant went to arbitration, and is being taken to supreme court. One tenant was threatened with legal action for posting about the bedbug problem on the registry!
There has been media involvement.
Management is s

howing empty suites with recent bedbug complaints to new, unknowing tenants.
Please get the word out that this building has a problem...so worrisome to think of elderly people, families/kids etc moving in because it is difficult and expensive to get rid of these bugs once they take hold, and the Management is unfortunately more interested in litigating than managing the problem.

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You need to take Royal Providence Management Inc to arbitration to get ANYTHING done! Document everything (make personal notes, take photos, SEND THEM EMAILS, get witnesses). These people are utter slum lords! I would also look at contacting your local MLA, the Better Business Bureau, an advocacy group or even a lawyer.

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We moved in only 6 days ago, and already have a bed bug problem. We talked to other tenants in the building who said this is ongoing and long term, and that property management refuses to deal with it. We're hoping they'll let us out of our lease so it doesn't turn into a battle. There is an organized tenant's group in the building, with many members having filed or currently filing lawsuits for noise disturbance and asbestos exposure...there are still suites sealed off due to asbestos contamina

tion. all in all, a seriously crappy place to live.

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"Royal Providence Management" "RPM" BOUGHT this building in august 2011 and never did We see the beagle again which We knew as the" bed bug dog" "CARE" pest contol".the problems so bad the "CARE" co. trained their employees here.We haven't seen any management/owners or pest control here just the bugs mice(rats)cochroaches silverfish and skunks and the loud constuction crews.alot of apts(10+)are being "renovated renovicted" which means more bugs are running around to find new apts.alot of Us hav

e to move now.no day time manager to tell problems to(bugs).
day time office phone number/machine.

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Although this building does not allow dogs we seem to have a cute beagle living somewhere in the building. He's soo cute, with his constant wagging tail as he walks the hall. I wish I could have such a happy dog!

June 4th, 2011 - Last month's treatment of bed bugs on the 2nd floor (west end) was not effective. It has turned into an infestation of bed bugs. Furniture is being encased in plastic and thrown out. No information has been forthcoming from property management as to the presence and spread of bed bugs, but I am assuming the worst. Property management here is not good.

At the beginning of March I found a bed bug and notified the building manager immediately. She called pest control and an inspection was done with a dog 5 days later. It was confirmed that several suites were affected. Including mine. Supposedly on the 2nd floor, a tenant had an infestation that was treated but the pest control man said a female could have gotten away and up the wall to my suite and my neighbours on the 3nd floor. A treatment was done within three days of the inspection. A week

later the dog came again to inspect the affected apartments. We were cleared. Two weeks later, I have a bite. So I am guessing they never really left! The building manager has been very accommodating. I have another inspection happening in three days. She told me one of the apartment wasn't cleared after the second inspection. This is a nightmare. Will they ever be controlled? I have been living out of bags since it began. I have duct taped any crack or crevice hoping the bugs will not get into my apartment.

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June thru Nov 2007 There are various sites at this address affecting mainly 2nd and 3rd floors at the south end. It is a well run building with quick multiple treatments; However adjacent tenants may not be informed or concerned continuing the problem.

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