4675 Imperial St
Burnaby, BC V5J

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Nov 12, 2012
Apt 310, Just wanted to say that I have lived here for 8 years and never had any bedbug problems but I have been proactive in protecting my apt as I know there have been some in other apts, mostly on other side of building. At least the owners did post it at the door and had all apts inspected and then treated the ones affected. I put down a solid line of anti-bedbug powder where walls & ceilings meet as well as electrical outlets, where pipes emerge from walls, fan cavities, at th

e door into the apt, in short all points of entry. I also put down plastic runners in the entryway, take my shoes off at the door and put them into an airtight plastic box. I don't let my pant hems touch the hallway floors as I go through and if I use a cart or anything through the hall, I immediately rinse the wheels in the bathtub when I get into my apt. Another thing you can do is use some caulking to permanently seal off all the same areas listed above.

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September 13, 2012, we moved out from 4675 Imperial St building after just 1 year, it has heavy bed bugs infestation, we lost all our furniture it cost us thousands because owners or management do not care for tenants there, only ppl who have no choice are staying there.Also weed smokers heaven, homeless sleeping on outside parking lots. We complained all year long, nothing has changed. Worst rental ever!!!

February 16th 2012
I Called the Landlord of the Telkwa Apartments. 604-437-3013
& Told him my sister had Bedbugs..
He said "Yeah, So?..What do you want me to do about it?"
I said "Is that all your going to say?, I was phoning to see what you are going to do about it?"

His Name started with a "V" ORIENTAL GUY
Can you say SLUM LANDLORD!
He said he Is "JUST AN EMPLOYEE!!"
Phone Number: 604-437-3013

February 9th 2012
My Daughter has bedbugs in these apartments.
Want to visit her but Can't, do not want to risk getting them myself. My poor granddaughter get's bit up the most. Wish the Management would do something drastic to get Rid of these nasty blood suckers!

i am gona move out. my faniture are all new,but still find the bug last week, :( fortunately,just one, maybe from neibours, the company had done with many times bugcontrol, but still has same problem, prevent from being infected again, i am going to move, bed bug never be killed …

The allegation noted below is inaccurated and being vindictive by certain tenants. The buildng is 99% rented. This indicates the statement is fault.

We moved in few months ago.
Management sprayed our place many times but they still keep biting and sucking our precious blood. I could have helped red cross with blood donation!.
misery and sleepless nights.

Currently several apts are infested at 4675 Imperial Street and apparently has been a problem is in 2006. Tenants apparently do not understand the severity and serious of infestations and are bringing in used and infested furniture onto the property - then dragging it through the hallways unprotected and leaving the objects by the dumpster where anyone who has no sense of logic of avoid used and damaged furniture - for it might be infested with bed bugs!!! Property Mgmnt is doing little if pos

sible to advise tenants not to buy or bring used furniture onto the property. Same tenants are not complying with requests to enter their unit to spray as don't seem to understand the protocol for treatments and have not removed any articles from closets and drawers; washed and stored them in plastic bags as the Pest Mgmnt company has instructed. Property Mgmnt being lax on dealing with this problem and anyone who has had to destroy furniture should be aware(as per The Residental Tenancy Branch)that it is the Property Mgmnt's financial burden to replace your furniture and not your burden.

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Spring/Summer 2008

I have lived in this building for over 2 years. Beginning about a month or two ago, I started having bites, but thought they were fleas. Turns out, they're bedbugs. They are in several units in the building. With the previous management company, when people would move out, the units would be rented out again without being treated. I am having the exterminators come in a couple of days from now. Many long term tenants are moving out since there is a problem with bedbug


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Moved out in november 2007. We had to get rid of 50% of our stuff because the infestation was so bad. We had the pest control in 4 times and we did everything we were told to do. It's out of control.

numerous apartments at this location have a bed bug infestation, landlord has pest control services spraying apartments in the building

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