6621 Sussex Ave
Burnaby, BC V5H

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Moved in on jan 1st 2015. Immediately started getting bed bug bites. They've sprayed 4 times as of October 28th 2015. landlord was very unempathic and slow to respond, even blaming us for the problem. That our kids keep bringing them in from somewhere else. Note: when we moved in there was a stack of mattress' in the back parking lot and a wooden furniture pile. I'm a fool for being ignorant of it and should have walked away right then. Cause this last year has been hell on earth!!!

We have a serious bedbug problem in 6620 Sussex ave, Burnaby. october 2011

6331 McKay Avenue
Burnaby BC V5H 2W9
We have personally been sprayed 4 times since
April of 2010. Still have the problem. Have thrown away our eiderdowns, rugs, etc.

yes,bed bugs are here since 2007

Should had been there for a year

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