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Management became aware of a tenant with bedbugs in my building. They put notices out on the July 4th holiday weekend that they were performing a “preventative treatment” leading me to believe there was an issue and they would inspect and treat my unit. I advised I had about 3 bites on each shin and had some itching. I was clear that I did in fact have bites. Management asked if I had inspected and looked for bedbugs. I advised, I’m not the professional, that’s for the pest control compa

ny to do inspections but yes I had some bites. The pest control company came out, and let the manager know that bedbugs were indeed noted on my bed frame and mattress. There was no note from the pest control company, only the manager stating they would come treat the apartment the FOLLOWING week. I asked for more info and asked about a hotel stay for a night or two until things were handled. I did not have any bedbug treatment for 2 weeks as they wanted to keep it as cost effective for themselves with no concern to the health and safety of the tenants. As a medically disabled person, extra care in providing prompt information and thorough treatment would have been helpful. They are required by law to provide info about bedbugs and how to look for them. This did not happen, a prep sheet and info from the pest control company was not provided. Numerous emails and phone calls did not provide a specific plan and due to the amount of time passed, I had my health put at risk and most furniture will need replacing. They definitely kept tenants in the dark about this whole ordeal. I did due diligence and made a complaint to the Maricopa County Health Department.

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