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Wood Buffalo, AB T9H

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for a couple months now i have been finding bed bugs on my mattresses , IN BOTH ROOMS , found one in my daughters crib ( i actually found it biting her ) found them in my phone book , i had to throw out my sofa because it was maggoty with bed bugs , EVERYWHERE THEY ARE ! after finding one in my daughters crib i just could handle it anymore, so for the past couple of days she has been sleeping in her playpen in the living room and ive been making a bed up on the floor .... and tonight , i went t

o get up to grab a snack at about 3:30am and what did i find when i got up ?? ANOTHER bed bug crawled out from under me .... FULL of blood ! I CANT SLEEP ANYWHERE IN MY HOUSE WITH OUT GETTING EATEN ALIVE ! ive got marks on my arms and legs from them ! i need to sleep ! i need sleep ! i have school and a daughter to take care of ! i am going to my landlord , and my right as a tenant is going to be heard ... i can not live in a place where me and my daughter are being eaten alive .... bottom line .. ( they were also down on the other end of the building when i lived with my ex ! this building has a complete infestation of bed bugs ! its digusting !

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